The World’s Cheapest Breast Enlargement – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 30 January 2014

30 Jan

Ann Summers Triple Boost Cleavage Enhancing braThe World’s Cheapest Breast Enlargement – for anyone not wishing to spend thousands of pounds on a breast enlargement  operation there is now a much cheaper alternative that promises to boost a woman’s breasts by 3 cup sizes and for just £34.

High street adult store Ann Summers has added the Triple Boost Ultimate bra to its product range and it seems sure to be popular with women who either don’t wish to undergo surgery to obtain a bigger bust or are unwilling or unable to find the £5-6k that is usually required for the operation.

Before releasing the bra Ann Summers used the power of social media to help them decide if the product was a good idea or not. They contacted their 53k Twitter followers and asked the women if they were considering having a surgical breast enlargement in the next year. The company said they were inundated with women who were considering having surgery and then used some of this group to help trial the new product.

They have said that many of those who were involved in the testing actually changed their minds and opted out of choosing a surgical boost to their assets.

Ann Summers is selling their new bra with the strapline ‘turn good into goodness me’ and seem likely to have a lot of interest in the new product. It would guess it is very likely to prove a popular choice for men to purchase for their ladies for a Valentine’s gift this year.

Despite there being over 43k cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the UK in 2012 nearly a quarter of this total were breast enlargements.

The new Triple Boost is currently available in a choice of 2 colours ivory/black and red/black, both costing £34,  and it is sure to be a popular choice as although many outfits will benefit from an enhanced cleavage this is certainly not the case with all choices of clothing and it will give flexibility for many. Is today a cleavage day or not?

You can see what a potential difference the new product makes with these 2 photos of a 32B bust, which is the same size as Sherlock actress Lara Pulver, and a 32E bust, which is the same size as Celebrity Big Brother’s Greek/Irish model Georgia Salpa. Both women are hot but there is a considerable difference in their cleavage. We would guess that they have both had occasions when they would have been glad to have had the others cleavage if not for the day then certainly for the evening.

Lara Pulver 32B

Lara Pulver 32B

Georgia Salpa 32E

Georgia Salpa 32E

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