Christie Still Hot At 60, Well She Was A Supermodel – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 29 January 2014

29 Jan

Christie Brinkley at 60 in swimsuit on cover of People magazineChristie Still Hot At 60, Well She Was A Supermodel – in just a few days time Christie Brinkley will hit her 60th birthday but you would never guess by looking at her posing in a swimsuit on the cover of this week’s People magazine.

The model says that she is actually excited about hitting the milestone number and she is feeling a surge of energy about her upcoming birthday.

She poses on the cover of the mag in a light blue/turquoise one-piece bathing suit but this is definitely not because she couldn’t pull off wearing a bikini. In fact she says in the inside interview that the only reason she didn’t pose for a photo wearing a bikini is because she was worried her children would be embarrassed.

You can tell that she is more than able to still look great in a bikini as she recently posed for a holiday photo with her 28-year old daughter Alexa Ray Joel (singer and pianist Billy Joel is her father) and corny as it sounds they do actually look more like sisters than mother and daughter. In the holiday snap Alexa is wearing a white bikini and Christie is wearing a blue and white striped bikini top and some blue shorts.

Christie still gets the seal of approval from the fashion and publishing worlds and Sports Illustrated’s editor M.J. Day said of her ‘She has the legs of a 30-year-old and the face of an angel. She’s what you aspire to look like at 60. She’s mind-blowingly beautiful.’

Christie Brinkley hot at 60 with her 28 year old daughter Alexa Ray Joel in a bikini. Hot older mother and daughter.Although we suspect that having fantastic bone structure and incredible genes may have more than a little to do with her amazing looks, Christie does talk about how she keeps looking so good at her age. She mostly eats vegan food these days although she does admit to being a big fan of pasta,she is a keen user of facials and also believes that having her 3 children has kept her young. She said that as an older mother she feels a sense of responsibility to her children as well as herself to keep young.

You can see the photos of Christie looking hot at 60 as well as read the full interview in the latest edition of People, which is out now.

As we have previously reported there is a special 50th Anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated due out on the day after Christie’s 60th birthday and she will be featured heavily in this magazine too.

By the way Christie’s big 60th birthday is actually this Monday (3rd February).

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