Now You Can Undress Kate Upton – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 9 January 2014

09 Jan

Kate Upton with top on for V magazine cover - Nicola Formichetti denim topNow You Can Undress Kate Upton – the latest edition of V magazine provides a very pleasant way to pass your time as you get the chance to take Kate Upton’s clothes off.

It is the busty 21-year old model’s 4th cover shoot for the magazine and we guess that they wanted to change things up a bit. The February 2014 edition of V magazine features a peel-back acetate cover so you can remove the model’s Nicola Formichetti designed Diesel denim top.

All of this stripping-off fun is accompanied by the headline “Why can’t Kate Upton keep her clothes on?” Inside the mag Kate herself answers the question with a very straightforward “Because I don’t want to!”

Inside the magazine Kate also talks about the time that Victoria’s Secret creative director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou commented to the New York Times that Kate would never be used by them as she was “too obvious.” Not stopping there she also went on to say that Kate was like a Page 3 girl with  ‘too-blonde hair and the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.’

Kate Upton with top off showing big boobs and cleavage in sexy lingerieEmbarrassingly for Victoria’s Secret they ended up placing an old photo of Kate from 2011 in their 2013 catalogue and didn’t even inform the model the photo of her had been used.

Kate talks of the incident saying that it was her first encounter of what she calls “the haters” but it is clear she has had the last laugh as over the last couple of years she has been very much in demand and could be argued as being the USA’s top bikini and lingerie model. She was certainly the first choice for the new movie The Other Woman when they wanted to feature someone with a stunning beach body.

In fact even before the movie has been released a YouTube clip of Kate moving in slow-motion in her bikini has got over 2m hits and counting so we guess that not everyone out there thinks that Kate Upton is as ordinary as Neophitou-Apostolou does.

In her first movie part Kate’s character is referred to by Cameron Diaz as ‘the boobs’ but in fact Kate reveals in the new V interview that is not what she calls her famous assets: “Ah, the ladies,” she says, looking down at her cleavage with devil-may-care abandon. “Everyone brings them up, so I have to have something to call them.”

The Other Woman opens in US movie theatres on 25 April and you can get to undress Kate on the new V magazine cover when it is available on 16 January.

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