Jasmine Waltz Flashes Her Boobs On CBB – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 5 January 2014

05 Jan

Jasmine Waltz shows her boobs and dark nipples on live television on Celebrity Big BrotherJasmine Waltz Flashes Her Boobs On CBB – well it turns out that Casey Batchelor didn’t get to be the first member of the Big Brother household to show her boobs on live tv as she was beaten to that particular title by US actress Jasmine Waltz.

After drinking a lot of champagne Jasmine appeared to lose any control that she might have had earlier in the evening and several of the other women in the house tried hard to stop Jasmine exposing her breasts to the people in the house as well as all those watching on live tv.

Jasmine has something of a reputation for being a little lively after a few drinks and has previously hit fellow actress Lindsay Lohan in an LA nightclub after not being impressed by something she said.

Jasmine is known for her self-confidence and indeed her Twitter page has in its profile heading ‘I’m good at it!’ Her approximate 24k followers are treated to a number of selfies from the actress including unsurprisingly  a number of her in varying states of undress.

Whilst she was getting more and more drunk on the champagne it was poor Sam Faiers from TOWIE who had the misfortune of being handcuffed to the 31-year old as she went crashing and banging around the Big Brother house. Sam had to deal with a mock fight as well as being straddled by Jasmine at one point. She took it all in pretty good spirit however  and was less upset by Jasmine’s drunken antics than veteran entertainer Lionel Blair who wasn’t impressed by Jasmine’s swearing.

All of that bad behaviour didn’t seem to put off Dappy or Lee Ryan who both seemed keen to get to know Jasmine a little better. Their chances of getting of with the actress would probably be greatly improved if they had recently ended a relationship with a famous woman as that is often a feature of Jasmine’s relationships. She went out with rugby player Danny Cipriani shortly after he split up with model Kelly Brook and also Courtney Cox’s ex-husband David Arquette.

All that sexual tension is looking sure to create some interesting tv over the next few days and we are likely to see more behaviour from Jasmine that Lionel won’t approve of!

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