Celine Dion Flashes Her Bra In Sexy Short Versace Dress on The Voice – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 December 2013

18 Dec

Celine Dion in see-through bra at The Voice final, December 2013Celine Dion Flashes Her Bra In Sexy Short Versace Dress on The Voice – the 45-year old singer shocked many US viewers when she wore a very revealing dress on The Voice last night.

The effect was made even greater by the fact that the French-Canadian was wearing the same style Versace dress that 21-year old Selena Gomez had worn earlier this year to the VMAs but this time Celine wore a much shorter mini version that showed off her legs as well as having the same open fronted top that featured a see-through lacy bustier style bra.

Celine is clearly very comfortable in her own skin these days and the wife and mother of 3 children is on record as saying that she believes she has improved with age. Well from the look of her outfit yesterday she is clearly on a mission to prove the fact to everyone.

Celine Dion has had a quite exceptional career which includes 5 Grammy wins a long running (and highly lucrative) residency in Las Vegas as well as being an unlikely winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland in 1988. When you add to these facts that she is also the best-selling Canadian artist of all-time, the 2nd best-selling female artist in the US during the modern era and the only woman to have 2 million selling singles in the UK then you begin to see why she is rated so highly by many people.

Despite such a long and diverse career Celine still keeps her family as her main priority in life and in 1999 she took 4 years off to be with her husband René after his cancer diagnosis and also to enable her to start a family.

Celine Dion - nipples showing in see-through bra on The VoiceCeline’s husband René is famous for having such faith in his future wife that he actually mortgaged his own home to finance the recording of her first album.

For her appearance on the finale of this season of The Voice Celine was joined on stage by singer Ne-Yo and the pair performed Celine’s new single Loved Me Back To Life, which got a great reception from the crowd in the studio as well as very good reviews from the critics.

Celine is a hard act for any vocalists to follow let alone singers who are new to the business. She famously has a 5 octave range to her voice and can sing in a variety of different styles although she has often been criticised for having an overly sentimental style and relying too much on her big powerful notes.

In the UK and the US she is seen as being in a similar musical grouping as Mariah Carey although interestingly she also makes a number of recordings in her native French and these are seen in a much more serious light than her English recordings are viewed.

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