Top Trending Google Search Terms and Twitter’s Top Tweets of 2013 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 December 2013

17 Dec
2013's Most Popular Twitter Message

2013’s Most Popular Twitter Message

Top Trending Google Search Terms and Twitter’s Top Tweets of 2013 – in the last few hours we have got to see exactly what most of us have been tweeting about and searching Google for this past 12 months.

Twitter was first out with its info on the top tweets or what it refers to as the Golden Tweets of 2013.

Top of the 2013 list of most shared posts on Twitter was a tweet from Glee’s Lea Michele which thanked all her followers for their support after her boyfriend Cory Monteith’s death in July this year. If there is still anyone who wonders if Twitter is used by many people then the statistics for this tweet should hopefully convince them as it was retweeted over 408k times.

Sadly it is another Hollywood death that is the topic of the 2nd highest tweet of the year with a posting on Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker’s official Twitter account confirming his death earlier this month getting retweeted just over 400k times.

As well as being used as a very quick way to inform the public about breaking news Twitter is still used to pass on what are more trivial items of information. For instance tweets from One Direction members reach huge numbers of their fans around the world and in September a short tweet from Niall Horan celebrating his 20th birthday was retweeted by the group’s fans over 367k times in a few hours to become the year’s 3rd most shared message on Twitter.

Paul Walker - Google's top trending search term for 2013

Paul Walker – Google’s top trending search term for 2013

Looking at 2013’s top Google search terms we have the annual Google Zeitgeaist list to help us out. This reveals that the top trending person according to Google UK was Paul Walker. In 2nd place came Cory Monteith with South African athlete Oscar Pistorius following in 3rd position.

The appearance of sudden deaths and major world events in the most popular tweets and top trending Google searches shows just how much the modern world has come to rely on these online apps for their breaking news. The 2nd most popular Google search term for 2013 shows how we are becoming more involved with new technology every year as millions of people searched the net for information on the new iPhone 5s.

If we look at the most searched for terms over the past year rather than the top trenders (that is the largest total regardless of the increase over the year) then we find that more people in the UK typed Facebook into their Google search box than anything else. This was followed by You Tube with rather bizarrely the 3rd most searched for term in Google in the UK being Google itself. Obviously nobody believed what Katherine Parkinson’s character Jen in C4’s The IT Crowd was told that if you type Google into the Google search box you will actually break the Internet!

In case you were wondering the top trending Google search term in the UK in 2012 was Euro 2012 whilst the mot shared tweet of 2012 and in fact the most shared tweet of all-time was President Obama’s message celebrating his victory in the US Presidential election.

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