Strictly’s Tess Daly Talks Wardrobe Malfunctions – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 02 December 2013

02 Dec

Tess Daly boobs showing out from under dressStrictly’s Tess Daly Talks Wardrobe Malfunctions – the sexy Strictly co-presenter has been talking about some of her scarier moments on tv including a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.

The 44-year old mother of two was talking to Women’s Health magazine about her most scary moment on live television when technology was nearly responsible for stripping the Strictly star in front of the watching viewers.

‘A microphone pack once fell down my knickers and nearly pulled my pants down’ Tess said.

She also revealed that on another occasion she had more clothing problems during a live performance. ‘I’ve even lactated on live TV, I hadn’t had time to express each side before going on. Thank God I was wearing a black dress.’

As can be seen from the photos here these two incidents are not the only wardrobe malfunctions that have happened to Tess. She has been seen in a very loose-fitting dress that slipped off her shoulders and exposed rather more of the presenter’s breasts than we guess she wanted to.

She has also been spotted in a pink evening gown that appeared to go rather see-through under the flashlights of the press photographers.

Each week during Strictly season Tess’s clothes get almost as many column inches as many of the celebrity dancers and she is on record as saying she that spends a great deal of time pre-Strictly season working on her wardrobe for the new upcoming series of the show. Although she always has a number of outfits each series that have the wow factor she can also make some choices that are less popular with the viewers.

Tess Daly shows nipples through see-through pink dressTess has said that thinks that some of the criticism of her outfits is unjustified and sexist. ‘It’s a reminder that being a woman is very different from being a man on TV. Their outfits aren’t gossiped about endlessly.’

‘But I don’t want to be just another person complaining about their job. To be honest, I rise above it.’

Although she is in great shape Tess is no stranger to body insecurities but despite this she is on record as stating that she will never give way to outside pressure and undergo any cosmetic surgery. She also talks about how her tummy is not as flat as it was in her pre-baby days and how she needs to watch what foods she eats to help keep her in shape.

‘If I eat carbs or foods that have the potential to bloat, I notice the baby pouch again,’ she said. ‘It’s never as flat as it was before, unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and spend your entire life dedicated to the cause. Unfortunately, I’m not like Gwyneth. My life won’t permit it.’

That great figure is also helped by regular yoga and Pilates sessions and the fact that husband Vernon Kay has  put an exercise bike in the couple’s front room so Tess can work out while she is watching television.

The full interview with Tess Daly together with some exclusive photos is available in Women’s Health Jan/Feb issue which is on sale from this Wednesday (4 December). It will also be available as a digital download.

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