Nigella Lawson Drug Use Claims Made In Court – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 27 November 2013

27 Nov

Nigella Lawson - showing huge cleavageNigella Lawson Drug Use Claims Made In Court – if claims made in court by a defence barrister are to be believed the curvaceous kitchen goddess has spent much of the past few years “off her head’ on drugs.

Although the tv chef’s divorce to multi-millionaire businessman and art collector Charles Saatchi was granted earlier this year at a High Court hearing lasting less than a minute it looks like the case currently being heard at Isleworth Crown Court is going to reveal far more about their marriage than we were expecting.

The court case concerns a prosecution being brought by Charles Saatchi against sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, who previously worked for the couple as assistants, with regard to an alleged £300k misappropriation of his company’s funds.

The Grillo sisters are said to have spent this sum of money on air travel and designer clothing using credit cards belonging to Mr Saatchi’s company Conraco Partnership. The story is that Nigella was aware of their spending on the cards but kept quiet as a price for the ‘tacit understanding’ that they then kept quiet about Nigella’s alleged drug habit.

In a pre-trial discussion it was revealed that Charles Saatchi had sent his former wife an email in which he referred to her as Higella and said that she and her daughter were ‘so off your heads’ on cocaine that there was no control over the Grillo sisters’ expenditure and due to this he believed they would get off the current charge.

Both Saatchi and Nigella are due to give evidence in the current court case and you can be sure that the area around the court will be swarming with press photographers all week.

The trial is expected to last around 2 weeks and you can expect plenty more fireworks during that time. Lawyers for the Grillo sisters have today argued that the case should be dismissed due to both Saatchi and Nigella’s ‘manipulation of the court process.’

All of this is happening just hours after the promo for the new series of US cooking show The Taste was aired on ABC. Although the tv company have said that the 2nd series of The Taste will air as planned starting on 2 January there have already been murmurings with regard to future series. That famous person aka “a source’ has been quoted as saying that the network are currently debating over whether to ask Nigella back to act as a judge on the planned 3rd series of the show.

If the claims about Nigella are found to have substance then it would not be the first time a celebrity chef has been shown to have links to drugs. US celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has spoken openly about his previous heavy use of both cocaine and heroin and this has not seemingly harmed his tv career. It does have to be said though that Bourdain’s image is more in the rock star chef mould than the sexy, domestic goddess line so it remains to be seen what will happen with regard to Nigella’s tv career if the claims turn out to be true.

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