Amy Willerton Looking Hot In The Water – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 21 November 2013

21 Nov

Amy Willerton hands behind head leaning back showing cleavage in pink bikiniAmy Willerton Looking Hot In The Water – the former Miss Universe Great Britain ramped up her bid to stay in the jungle in the latest series of I’m A Celebrity as she took to the famous waterfall shower in a hot pink bikini that showed off her amazing body.

She has spent much of her time in the jungle flirting outrageously with Joey Essex seemingly to the annoyance of many of the other jungle inhabitants who have remarked that it is like ‘watching porn’ seeing the two together.

Both of them had made a big thing of the fact that they were single going into the show and it came as no surprise to anyone watching when the flirting started right away. Joey did seem to have upset Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington as he remarked that Amy was the only person in the camp he could flirt with. The 23-year old quickly said that what he had actually said was that Amy was the only person who was available to flirt with if he wanted to. Nice save attempt Joey!

The fit woman in a bikini showering section of the series has become a highlight since 2006 when Myleene Klass first showed off her body in a bikini waterfall scene that has become one of the all-time I’m A Celebrity highlights. Myleene’s appearance in a bikini not only won her a lot of new fans but also earned her a substantial sum of money after Marks & Spencer signed her for a bikini ad campaign following her appearance under the waterfall.

The scene made such an impact that many people believe it was the main reason that some celebrities like Nicola McLean and Helen Flanagan were invited to take part in the show.

Early betting forecasts showed that Amy was a likely prospect to go very early in the series whilst Joey was seen as an early frontrunner to win the show. It seems that after her impressive wet shower scene that Amy’s odds may have taken a turn for the better as regards staying on the show.

Recent Amy and Joey moments in the jungle have seen the 21-year old model offer a massage to Joey as well as getting into the water with him to wash his hair. It looks very much like the pre-show predictions that this could be another Peter Andre and Katie Price style jungle romance could turn out to be true. Let’s hope if that is the case their story ends a little better.

Amy Willerton in the shower in bikini - cleavage

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