Big Bang Theory Bernadette’s Hot Photos For Maxim – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 November 2013

17 Nov

Melissa Rauch shows off her boobs in dominatrix clothing for Maxim 2013

Big Bang Theory Bernadette’s Hot Photos For Maxim – actress Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory appears in this month’s Maxim wearing a number of revealing poses including one where she wears a dominatrix outfit.

We wonder what Howard would say and can only guess what it would do to his transient idiopathic arrhythmia if he saw his wife in these photos.

Bernadette is the less obviously sexy female member of Big Bang Theory who normally takes a backseat in the hottie stakes when Kaley Cuoco’s character of Penny is around. If this set of photos from Maxim ever makes it to the Cheesecake Factory or the guys hanging round the comic book store then we would guess that would change pretty fast.

Melissa wears a lot of revealing outfits in the Maxim photos including most shockingly a black dominatrix number with a studded leather section attached to her black basque style body outfit with suspenders.

Melissa also talks to Maxim about any similarities she has in real life to her onscreen character Bernadette. For starters it seems that like Bernadette Melissa is attracted to men with a good sense of humour. In fact she says ‘I absolutely love a funny guy. I am a sucker for it. It’s my number one requirement.’

Although she has never actually even visited a Cheesecake Factory she did actually wait on tables for a while, just like Bernadette and she even came into contact with a geek table just like her onscreen character: ‘I worked at a sports bar in New York City during college. It was before fantasy football was online, so people would come in with their notebooks. One time I spilled a pitcher of beer all over someone’s fantasy notebook.’

The December copy of Maxim featuring Melissa’s sexy photo spread goes on sale from today (17 November).

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