Jennifer Aniston Has A Brazilian That Goes Wrong – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 6 November 2013

06 Nov

Jennifer Aniston - new Rebel Cut hair styleJennifer Aniston Has A Brazilian That Goes Wrong – the 44-year old actress has been explaining to Elle UK that a Brazilian hair treatment was the reason she has taken 6 inches off her hair with a new cut.

Jennifer said to the mag that she had to go for the new much shorter style as she had ‘a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it.’

The Brazilian hair treatment has got a lot of press after it was written that the treatment promised straight shiny hair that would keep that way for months. Unfortunately there appears to be a problem because as well as the keratin in the product there seems to also be formaldehyde, possibly in a quite dangerously high concentration. Now you may have come across the word formaldehyde before but forgotten where, we will remind you that it is  best-known for its use in embalming bodies. Doesn’t make anyone think of the salon really does it?

To add to the reasons you might not wish to go for the Brazilian keratin/formaldehyde treatment you can also add in the fact that studies in the US have shown formaldehyde is likely to cause cancer.

Jennifer had talked to Vogue before the Elle UK interview was published and said to them that the reason behind her new hair style was the fact that she had grown bored with her hair. Sounds like that might not have been true.

The new look is bound to cause a lot of discussion as Jennifer is of course well-known for her hair styles and back in the heyday of Friends ‘the Rachel’ was just about the most requested style there was.

Hair is not only a big part of Jennifer’s image but she also has a business interest in a hair care products company called Living Proof. We won’t give a big product write-up for the company but if you want to read more about how Jennifer uses the Living Proof range on her own hair then she talks at length about this in her Vogue interview.

Jennifer Aniston - nipples on show in We're The MillersJennifer’s new shorter style has been seen on several other celebs this year and the style has been christened the ‘Rebel Cut.’

Even without the Brazilian problem Jennifer may well have gone for a shorter cut before too long as she has a history of getting a much shorter cut every couple of years or so. She and her personal hairstylist Chris McMillan both believe that this keeps her hair in much better condition.

If you are thinking that you have recently seen Jennifer on-screen with similar length hair then as you can see from this screen shot from We’re The Millers you would be right. Whilst she was playing a strip scene Jennifer wore a very similar length brunette wig.

This strip scene has achieved some notoriety and we expect the Blu-Ray and DVD machines to get a good slo-mo and pause workout because as you can see that Jennifer as stripper Rose O’Reilly ends up showing both her nipples under her nude style black bra.

Jennifer is due to start filming her latest movie Horrible Bosses 2 in the next few weeks. If you are waiting for the DVD release of We’re The Millers then you only have until 16 December to go. Happy Christmas!

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