Claire Danes In New Topless Photos For Interview – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 4 November 2013

04 Nov

Claire Danes topless in new photos

Claire Danes In New Topless Photos For Interview – the 34-year old actress is best known for playing Carrie Mathison in hit US tv show Homeland but looks worlds away from her character’s usual look in a new photo feature for Interview magazine.

Claire’s character in Homeland suffers from bipolar disorder and is well-known for her erratic mood swings. She has been talking to the magazine about how these mood swings leave her with a sense of exhaustion but also a sense of exhilaration.

She explains that things were further complicated on the last series by the fact that she had only recently given birth to her son Cyrus and in her own words had just come out of her ‘mommy cocoon’ and her own ‘mushy love planet.’

Talking about her experiences to fellow actor Dustin Hoffman she explains how when she first posed for the same magazine at the age of just 15-years old she didn’t really know how to be sexy.

Claire is clearly feeling very much the complete woman now that she and her husband English actor Hugh Dancy not only have 11-month old Cyrus in their lives but are both part of successful tv shows.

She also talks about how she was surprised at the physical effect her own child has on her. With such a demanding show as Homeland Claire often has to spend around 12 to 15 hours a day on set and she has experienced a physical sense of loss having to be away from her son for so long.

‘That the love for your child is physical was a big surprise. I can’t not look at him if he’s anywhere nearby, because there’s no competition. I can’t read. I can’t watch a show. I can’t do anything but stare at him doing nothing.’

Talking about her first photos in the same magazine she says that when she found herself a star at just 15-years old she was playing a 15-year old character in My So-Called Life and felt many similarities between herself and her character Angela Chase. In contrast Claire says that there are almost no similarities between herself and CIA agent Carrie.

You can read Claire’s full interview with Dustin Hoffman and see even more photos in the latest issue of Interview Magazine which is available now and can be viewed online at

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