Strictly Week 6, Is Natalie Pulling Away? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 02 November 2013

02 Nov

Ben Cohen with bare chest touches Kristina Rihanoff's boobs on StrictlyStrictly Week 6, Is Natalie Pulling Away? – as the series hits its 6th week one celebrity looks to be pulling away from the rest of the pack.

This week was a special Halloween themed show and amongst all the pumpkins, vampires, werewolves and cobwebs were some very good performances this week. And there was also Hairy Biker Dave Myers!

The stand out performance as far as the judges were concerned was Natalie Gumede and Artem’s  Viennese Waltz which they danced to Natalie Duncan’s beautiful track Devil In Me. They looked fluent and like they had been dancing together for years rather than weeks and their dance got the first sighting of the 10 paddle from the judges. With both Bruno and Darcey scoring the dance maximum points their total of 38 was not only their highest score and the highest score of the week but also the best of the series so far.

Other celebrities also achieved their top scores with Ben Cohen, Rachel Riley and Patrick Hamilton pulling out their best dances so far in the series.

Patrick Hamilton was first on this week, dancing the Quickstep to Man With The Hex by Atomic Fireballs and despite still being troubled by an injury to his wrist he managed to score a total of 34 points from the judges with Len even awarding the dance a 9.

Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff pulled out the big guns this week as both showed off plenty of their very impressive bodies with a lot of chest on view from Kristina and all of Ben’s on view as he performed the Paso Doble without a top. They were dancing to Supermassive Black Hole by Muse and all of the judges agreed that it was a very masculine and powerful performance from Ben with Len describing their dance as an explosion. There was no talk of a lack of chemistry between this pair and if you look at the photo of Ben and Kristina you can see why!

Their score of 32 points was also their highest of the series so far and should hopefully leave them in little danger of being in tomorrow’s dance off.

Abbey and Aljaz in skimpy Halloween costumes on Strictly 2013The other celebrity who will feel well pleased with tonight’s score is Countdown’s Rachel Riley who was dancing an American Smooth (Waltz variation) to I Put A Spell On You, Rachel looked far more confident this week and  her experience on the dance off the other week seems to have given her an incentive to work harder in training. Rachel said after the dance that she had a wardrobe malfunction but nothing seemed to pop into view on our screens. Perhaps we need a bigger tv screen?

Their score of 30 points included her first 8s of the series and was easily her best score to date.

Abbey Clancy and Aljaz had a good night scoring 34 points for their Rumba to Shakespeare’s Sister’s Stay. They looked a very attractive couple in their skimpy Halloween outfits and were another pairing that seem to have no trouble on the chemistry front. In the after dance interview Abbey described Aljaz as being like her brother, from the look of tonight’s dance and their interaction she must have had a strange upbringing!

At the other end of the scale it was a poor evening for Hairy Biker Dave Myers who was meant to be dancing a jive to Monster Mash. So far although he has shown no dance ability whatsoever he has always been entertaining in his performances, tonight still no proper dancing but sadly no entertainment either.

If there is any justice it is probably now time to say goodbye to Dave as otherwise much better dancers will be eliminated each week.

Also having a poor week was host Bruce Forsyth who fluffed more jokes than usual and had to remind us many many times that if it wasn’t a live show ‘they could cut that bit out.’ He also had a major malfunction when he referred to the lovely Darcey Bussell as Dave!

On the plus side it was another good week for Tess Daly who wore a lovely dark dress this week that almost let us recover fully from the dress disaster that was her yellow gown in one of the early weeks.

As always tomorrow night sees the results show where we will find out which celebrity has reached the end of their particular Strictly experience.

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