Colour Photos of 40’s Movie Stars – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 30 October 2013

30 Oct
Lauren Bacall - early Kodachrome colour photo from 1946

Lauren Bacall

Colour Photos of 40’s Movie Stars – some photos have been released from a new book which shows very early colour images of a number of Hollywood stars from the 1940s.

The new book is called Hollywood In Kodachrome 1940-49 and features over 200 high quality Kodachrome images of such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner and Carmen Miranda.

The photos come from the private stock of David Wills who has one of the largest collection of colour photographs from the 1940s in the world. He has previously released a number of high-quality coffee-table style  photography books featuring images from Hollywood’s golden era.

Two of his best-known publications are last year’s Audrey The 60s, which featured almost 300 pages of photographs of the gamine Audrey Hepburn, some of which came from the sets of her famous movies and had never been seen before. He also released Metamorphosis, one of the best photo books ever published on Marilyn Monroe.

The new Hollywood In Kodachrome collection of photos shows vibrant images that would have truly amazed the moviegoers from the 40s who would more than likely have never seen a colour image of their hero or heroine before. At this time all the movies were still shot in black and white and even the magazine and advertising features would only have shown the stars in black and white photographs.

These early Kodachrome images have lasted incredibly well and just like his earlier publications the new book would make a brilliant addition to any movie fans coffee-table.

Hollywood In Kodachrome 1940-49 is published in the UK by It Books and is set for release on 25 November this year. Although the guide price is £26.99 it is currently available on Amazon for £15.12 with free delivery.

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