Most Popular British Actor – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 28 October 2013

28 Oct

Sean Connery as James Bond in first Bond movie Dr No (1962)Most Popular British Actor – for the first time ever information has been released to the public from the influential Q Scores.

The Q Scores are said to be highly influential amongst US movie bosses and until now the results have not been made available to those outside the industry.

As well as scoring the appeal of British actors other Q Score surveys have looked at sports stars, cartoon characters and a recent survey even rated the appeal of various deceased celebrities.

The Q Scores are compiled every 6 months by asking a sample of 1500 people from the New York state area how much they like and trust a celebrity or product. Those being surveyed have to give one of the following answers to each person or product they are asked about: A. One of my favorites.   B. Very Good   C. Good   D. Fair   E. Poor   F. Never heard of.

The Q Score is then worked out by dividing the number of those who answered A. by how many people actually recognised the person or product being surveyed (A through to E) and multiplying this figure by 100. This Q Score is well thought of by the entertainment industry as it shows not just viewing figures but also whether the person or product is a genuine favourite and therefore likely to result in stronger and more consistent sales, plus more spin-offs, DVDs, Blu-Rays etc.

Not only did the results of the latest British Actor Q Scores get released but they have also revealed the results of previous surveys. These show that not only did Sean Connery top the poll this year but he was also the Number 1 choice British Actor for US audiences in 1998 and 2003 as well.

Away from the big screen Connery has famously been seen in a number of different roles, sailor, milkman, coffin polisher and bodybuilder. On screen however it is without any doubt his role as the first James Bond in the iconic movie franchise that has made him so recognisable and so well-regarded. In fact it has been said of Connery, as it was said of James Bond by Sunday Times critic Raymond Mortimer ‘men want to be him and women want to be with him.’

There are the other expected big names in the Q Scores list including Dame Judy Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis and the latest movie James Bond, Daniel Craig. There are also some more unexpected names who although British are probably much better known in America. David McCallum from tv show NCIS makes it to 4th place in the poll with Hot In Cleveland and former Frasier star, Jane Leeves taking 16th place, ahead of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale and Keira Knightley.

Possibly the biggest surprise in the Top 20 is actress Lucy Punch, who many in the UK will remember as the secretary in early episodes of tv show Doc Martin. She takes 19th place in the Q Scores list with her performances in the movies Dinner For Schmucks, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger and Bad Teacher bringing her to the attention of US audiences.

Here is the Top 30 in the Q Score 2013 Poll of British Actors

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Anthony Hopkins
  3. Liam Neeson
  4. David McCallum
  5. Daniel Day-Lewis
  6. Judi Dench
  7. Maggie Smith
  8. Daniel Craig
  9. Hugh Laurie
  10. James Purefoy
  11. Benedict Cumberbatch
  12. Robert Carlyle
  13. Eamonn Walker
  14. Colin Firth
  15. Jonny Lee Miller
  16. Jane Leeves
  17. Kiefer Sutherland
  18. Gerard Butler
  19. Lucy Punch
  20. Daniel Radcliffe
  21. Alan Cumming
  22. Stephen Moyer
  23. Gabrielle Anwar
  24. Henry Cavill
  25. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  26. Kate Winslet
  27. Jane Seymour
  28. Kate Beckinsale
  29. Kevin McKidd
  30. Damian Lewis
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