Holly Willoughby Topless And Covered In Silver Paint – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 28 August 2013

28 Aug

Topless Holly Willoughby covered in silver paint and baby oil for Oral B ad campaignHolly Willoughby Topless And Covered In Silver Paint – the This Morning and The Voice presenter looks worlds away from her normal image in her latest photos.

Holly has been picked to front the latest Oral B toothpaste as campaign and the company decided to hire top photographer Rankin to take the photos.

Holly is well-known for several things most notably her award-winning cleavage as well as her award-winning smile. Now you would think that having the owner of the country’s most coveted smile would make things nice and easy for your toothpaste commercial. Apparently that was too simple.

Holly has been covered in a mixture of baby oil and silver paint and somebody apparently got paid to spend 2 hours doing this. Another tough day at the office we don’t think.

After going to all this trouble we don’t even get to see the famous Holly Willoughby smile which seems a little strange when you are trying to sell your new brand of toothpaste.

It sounds to us like someone forget all about the assignment when they were told they were going to be given Holly Willoughby to work with and they slipped off into a “Best Celebrity Cleavage meets James Bond, Goldfinger, Shirley Eaton naked covered in gold paint’ fantasy world.

Speaking about the photo session Holly has said that it took about 2 hours to cover her in the baby oil and silver paint mixture which was sprayed on. She thoroughly enjoyed working with Rankin and said that she was delighted to be able to be presented to the public in so different a way to normal.

Here for contrast is a shot of a naked silver spray painted Holly and a shot of a naked gold spray painted Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson from the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger.

Shirley Eaton nude covered in gold paint in 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger

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