Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas To Divorce – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 25 August 2013

25 Aug

Catherine Zeta Jones Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas To Divorce – the Hollywood A-Listers are reportedly about to announce that they are splitting up.

Several sources are quoting Michael Douglas as being about to make a formal announcement ending his and Catherine’s 13-year marriage.

Douglas has recently arrived in Sardinia by private jet for a holiday with the couple’s 2 children but without Catherine. He has been spotted on the golf course with friends but there has been no sign of Catherine who is said to be still back in the family home in America.

Catherine was said to be cross that her husband had taken their 2 children out of the country but there was nothing that she could do about it. Douglas had recently been looking after both 13-year old Dylan and 10-year old Carys in any event whilst his wife has been receiving treatment for her bipolar disorder.

The couple have been through a great deal together in recent years and their marriage was thought to be one of the strongest in Hollywood. They have been through some very tough times together in recent years including Michael’s battle with throat cancer in 2010-11, Michael’s son Cameron’s 2010 prison sentence for drug offences and Catherine’s recently revealed battle with bipolar disorder.

Michael Douglas in 2013According to some sources it is Catherine’s manic behaviour and her insistence on getting her own way that have led to their recent problems. Although she has always been seen as a strong woman it seems that Michael has tired of things. He has had a number of big movie roles where he has been dominated by women including Disclosure (Demi Moore), Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close) and Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone) so one would have thought that he is used to not getting his own way.

Inevitably there have been some big divorce settlement figures being thrown about already with talk of 43-year old Catherine seeking a large amount of money from her 68-year old husband to help support both her and their 2 children. Already there is talk though of Michael not wanting to hand over custody of the couple’s children to Catherine and he is seemingly close to them both as they are with him in Sardinia and he also looked after them on both occasions Catherine was in a treatment clinic.

Michael and Catherine have not been seen together for over 4 months and if this rumour is true then it could be a whole lot longer before they are seen in the same room.

A spokesperson for Douglas said this weekend when questioned on the couple’s relationship and possible separation “I won’t talk about that.”

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