Liam Payne’s New Girlfriend Is Schoolfriend Sophia Smith – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 August 2013

19 Aug

Sophia Smith is Liam Payne's new girlfriend - One Direction star's girlfriend in bikiniLiam Payne’s New Girlfriend Is Schoolfriend Sophia Smith – the One Direction star broke a few hearts in the last few hours when he pointed out his new girlfriend at a press conference.

Liam, along with the rest of his One Direction bandmates, was at a press conference to promote their new movie This Is Us On Monday when he was asked outright by a journalist whether he had a new girlfriend. Instead of dodging the question Liam replied ‘yes, yes I do. She’s sitting right over there. It’s not been long.’

He then pointed out Sophia Smith. It seems as though he may have just been confirming what most people in the room already suspected as Sophia had been flown out to LA from her Wolverhampton home a few days ago to catch up with Liam and watch the boys perform their 4 LA gigs.

Although Liam had been linked to several women in the last few months after his split with long-term girlfriend Danielle Peazer this May this is the first confirmed relationship despite whispers of him hooking up with fellow singer Leona Lewis.

It seems from comments made inside the One Direction camp that one big thing in Sophia’s favour was the fact that she knew Liam way before he and the boys found fame and fortune. In fact Sophia and Liam went to school together at St Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton.

She has been described as a lovely, sweet normal girl who likes Liam for who he is not because of his One Direction fame. It seems as though quite a few Directioners are not so sure as Sophia’s Twitter account was today hit with a large number of less than friendly messages.

In fact Sophia has now removed a number of Instagram photos showing her and Liam having fun together. It looks as though she is working hard to get back on the right side of Liam’s many millions of fans as she has just tweeted earlier this evening ‘I love Directioners because you guys are compassionate an have so much love for the boys no one will ever truly understand that’s love.’

Liam’s former girlfriend Danielle is known to have had a hard time on social media from the fans and Liam is said to want to protect Sophia from the same sort of comments.

It must seem strange for a young girl from Wolverhampton to suddenly end up with over 9k Twitter followers having previously just had a few friends following her. As she herself says on her Twitter profile she is just a normal British girl who enjoys a lovely cup of tea!

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