Nadine Coyle From Girls Aloud Is Pregnant – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 15 August 2013

15 Aug

Nadine Coyle is pregnant. Girls Aloud singer's pregnancy announcement photo from InstagramNadine Coyle From Girls Aloud Is Pregnant – the 28-year old singer today announced that she is expecting a baby.

Nadine revealed the news to the world by posting this photo on her Instagram account.

Although she has said no more about the pregnancy including naming the father, Nadine is said to dating 35-year old former American footballer Jason Bell who she was engaged to until 2011. The couple are said to have rekindled their romance in recent months.

Nadine will be the first member of Girls Aloud to have a child and most of her friends and fellow bandmembers rushed to Twitter to send their congratulations.

The first one to send her congratulations was Nicola Roberts who is often cited as the most grounded member of Girls Aloud. It was Nicola who famously put her hand into the toilet to retrieve Cheryl Cole’s phone on a girls night out.

Also tweeting her congratulations was Girls Aloud member and Strictly star Kimberley Walsh who posted “Congrats on your exciting news!”

Having had a flight to LA Cheryl Cole woke up to be given the news of Nadine’s pregnancy and quickly posted: “I just woke up to the news that there is to be a baby aloud!! This is so crazy. But Amazing!!

‘Congratulations @nadinecoylenow. Can’t believe you’re going to be a mummy!!!!!!!!!!!’

The only member not to have so far posted her congratulations is Sarah Harding but she is seen as being the most relaxed member of the group so will no doubt get round to it later tonight!

If the father of Nadine’s baby turns out not to be Jason Bell then the most likely person is model and club promoter Waz Ashayer who first starting going out with Nadine after last year’s V Festival. The couple were thought to have split up earlier this year but who knows!

Nadine had announced back in April that she is working on a follow-up album to 2010’s Insatiable but this may have to take a back seat after today’s news.

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