Jennifer and Justin To Marry This Weekend? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 10 August 2013

10 Aug

Jennifer Aniston in nude bra as stripper Rose O'Reilly in We're the MilersJennifer and Justin To Marry This Weekend? – yet more rumours are circulating that it will be this weekend that sees Jennifer Aniston finally tie the knot with boyfriend Justin Theroux.

Although it is being said that all the preparations being planned at present are for Justin’s birthday celebrations this weekend there are many who think this is just a cover for the pair’s wedding.

Jennifer was spotted yesterday at a Hollywood beauty salon getting some treatments and has let it be known through her people that all the frantic activity on view is just linked to Justin’s 42nd birthday party which is being held tonight.

Certainly a birthday party is a good cover if you want to invite a load of friends to an event and the pair has already said that they have such a hectic work schedule they are not sure what time is available to fit in a wedding this year. well there is nothing like killing 2 birds with 1 stone is there!

Whatever the real reason for the party there will be plenty of Justin and Jennifer’s showbiz pals at their Bel Air mansion tonight and we are sure they will all have a great time. Amongst all the showbiz stars in attendance there is one extra guest whose presence lends much more credibility to the marriage taking place this weekend. On the party guest list is Jennifer’s long estranged mother Nancy who she once described as “my last chunk of disease in my life.”

One interesting fact to keep in mind is that Jennifer famously didn’t invite her mother Nancy to her 2000 Malibu clifftop wedding to Brad Pitt. The actress first fell out with her mother after she gave a tv interview about their relationship in 1996,

Jennifer is currently celebrating the box office success of her recently released movie We’re The Millers where she plays the part of stripper Rose O’Reilly who ends up masquerading as a soccer mom to bring cannabis back into the US from Mexico in a camper van.

You can get some idea of the new movie with this shot of Jennifer as stripper Rose posing on stage in a nude bra.

We’re The Millers is already on general release in the US and will be released here in the UK on 23 August with the release dates for Mexico, Russia, France and Hong Kong following in September.

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