Lady Gaga In Nude Video Release – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 8 August 2013

08 Aug

Lady Gaga in nude video fundraiser for Marina Abramovic

Lady Gaga In Nude Video Release – the singer has been showcased in a new video release on behalf of the Marina Abramovic Institute and is completely naked for much of her time on-screen.

The 27-year old has long been a big fan of the famous 66-year old Serbian artist who can also count Liv Tyler, Christina Ricci, Sharon Stone, Courtney Love and Bjork amongst her celebrity fans.

It is Gaga’s second fundraiser for Abramovic in the last few days as she was also involved with the recent arts benefit for the Watermill Center in The Hamptons. On that occasion she was seen embracing the artist on a haystack while wearing a black dress with sheer and leather sections that exposed a see-through black bra.

The Watermill fundraiser was a fairly hardcore arts event as shortly after her arrival Gaga was seen looking at a  new work by the artist Lisa Lozano which showed a naked woman in a giant container of honey. Completely unfazed by this Gaga’s response was to grab a spoon and sample some of the honey from around the nude whilst showing her delight to the assembled onlookers by simply saying “Mmmm.”

In this latest fundraising video for the Marina Abramovic Institute La Gaga is firstly shown wearing a white full body outfit whilst singing, if that is the right word for it, a single meditative sound. She is then seen wearing a grey industrial style boiler suit whilst sitting on a large wooden stool in front of a lake. She is finally shown completely naked bending over in the woods, on the grass wearing a black blindfold as well as some very bizarre shots of her hugging a giant crystal.

The NSFW Lady Gaga video can be viewed below via the link to Vimeo where as you can imagine it has received a very large number of hits in recent hours.

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