Real Life Barbie Video Documentary – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 28 July 2013

28 Jul

Real Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova shows big boobs and bum in little black see-through outfitReal Life Barbie Video Documentary – the Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova  became big news last year with plenty of features on the real life Barbie Girl.

Valeria embodies the Barbie Girl look with her tiny waist, big boobs, blonde hair and her make-up which gives her extraordinarily big blue eyes. The colour is not her natural eye colour however as she wears blue contacts to enhance the “Barbie” look, her natural eye colour being an un-Barbielike green.

She was in the news back in February this year when she flew out to New York for a meeting with who else but a real life Ken. Unfortunately the meeting didn’t go too well as prior to them getting together real life Ken, aka Justin Jedica, had let it be known that he thought Valeria looked more like a drag queen than Barbie. Valeria can’t have been too impressed by this and said after their meeting that she thought Justin had overdone the silicone in his lips.

Incidentally for all our UK followers it is worth looking at the article on Justin just to check out his resemblance to a younger plasticised version of former Conservative politician Michael Portillo.

Extreme curves of real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova. Blonde hair big blue eyes big boobs tiny waistThe pair were said to hate each other on first sight and one of their major differences was sure to be around the subject of plastic surgery. Valeria is keen to point out that apart from a breast enhancement she has not been under the knife and the changes in the look of her face have all been down to dieting and make-up. Justin on the other hand has something of a plastic surgery addiction as the 32-year old has spent well in excess of $100k on various procedures and is now in 3 figures with regards to the number of operations he has undergone.

Bringing us right up to date Valeria has just made a new video documentary for VICE which apart from showing the Ukranian model prancing around in her underwear also explains her rather bizarre spiritual side rather than purely focussing on the physical. It appears that Valeria believes she is a time traveller who has been sent to save the Earth from negativity and, rather ironically, from superficiality.

You can check out the trailer for the documentary below and don’t forget that we here in the UK don’t like to be left out when it comes to a real life Barbie as we now have our own British candidate.

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