Comic Con 2013, The Not So Geeky Visitors – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 July 2013

20 Jul

Melissa Rauch of Big Bang Theory shows off great rackComic Con 2013, The Not So Geeky Visitors – this year’s Comic-Con event has opened this weekend in San Diego.

The annual 4 day event is expected to attract around 130k people this year and although there are of course the usual large number of Star Wars fans and plenty of Trekkies  there seems to be a much cooler and sexier element at this year’s show.

Many are putting part of the reason for the change down to the incredible success of the tv series The Big Bang Theory.

There was an appearance at this year’s Comic Con from both Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard in the show as well as the small but very sexy Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette Wolowitz.

In addition to the 2 regular cast members Comic Con also had the honour of having the man recognised as the world’s most brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking, appear as part of The Big Bang Theory feature. Hawking explained how he liked to mess with Sheldon’s mind saying ‘when I’m not playing Words With Friends with Sheldon, I like to think about the universe.’

Hawking then said he would explain the scientific Big Bang Theory before proceeding to sing the show’s theme tune for the delighted Comic Con onlookers.

Apart from the lovely Melissa Rauch there was plenty of other glamour on show at this year’s Comic Con this weekend. Some of the early attendees included Maggie Q, who wore a sexy and revealing black outfit for her feature on the new season of Nikita. There was also actress Emilia Clarke who attended a forum on hit series Game of Thrones.

Other weekend attendees included model Emily Ratajkowski whose outfit must have caused a rush of blood in many a sex-starved geek. Also there were actress Chloe Dykstra whose see-through black top will surely have finished off any remaining geeks at the event.

Check out the gallery below for a sample of some of this year’s glamorous Comic Con attendees

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