2015 Bond Movie To Be Based On Devil May Care – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 13 July 2013

13 Jul

Devil May Care - 2015 Bond movie starring Daniel Craig?2015 Bond Movie To Be Based On Devil May Care – reports are coming out that say the next James Bond movie will be based on the 2008 novel Devil May Care.

It is looking like the 24th movie in the Bond franchise will be using the plot of Sebastian Faulks’ novel written to  celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bond writer Ian Fleming’s birth. The book was released by Penguin Books on 28 May 2008, the actual centenary of Fleming’s birth.

Unlike many of the more recent Bond novels Devil May Care was written very much based on the same style as used by Ian Fleming. It was also set in the 60’s to further add to the authentic feel.

The main characters of the novel apart from Bond are the book’s baddie, Dr Julius Gorner, a megalomaniac chemist with a deep-seated hatred of Britain and a new female MI6 agent, Scarlett Papava. We are sure that betting will soon start on who is play each of these central roles.

The action of Devil May Care takes place in several locations, just as you would expect from any good Bond novel, including Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and England.

News of the possible storyline for the next Bond movie comes just hours after it was confirmed that Skyfall director Sam Mendes will be making a return to direct the 24th Bond film. Mendes won over many critics with his more realistic style used in the last Bond outing and his appointment for the new movie is sure to please critics as well as the majority of Bond fans.

Not only are the critics and fans sure to be pleased at the news of Mendes return to the Bond stable but we are sure it will greatly please the money men as Mendes’ Skyfall has so far taken over $1 billion worldwide making it the most successful Bond movie of all-time.

The new Bond movie, which may well turn out to be called Devil May Care or be based on that book’s plotline, is set to be released in the UK on 23 October 2015 with its US release due to follow on 6 November.

As well as Sam Mendes returning as director it has already been confirmed that Daniel Craig will be returning to the role of James Bond and the usual production team of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson will also be there.

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