Is Sharknado The Worst Movie Ever? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 12 July 2013

12 Jul

Sharknado movie poster - worst movie ever made?Is Sharknado The Worst Movie Ever? – this 90m movie has just premiered on the US Syfy and has had a huge reaction from viewers.

Proving that sometimes really bad can actually be both really fun and really good the movie was the main subject of over half a million tweets after it was aired yesterday. The made for tv movie seemed to have cast something of a spell over viewers and soon Twitter was abuzz with talk of the corny disaster film.

The plot of Sharknado revolves around a weather system that has thousands of sharks in the Pacific Ocean picked up by a tornado and then thrown all around LA causing death and destruction in all the familiar tourist destinations.

The movie stars (is that the correct word to use here?) Tara Reid from American Pie and Ian Ziering from 90210 and, more importantly for a movie like this, Biker Mice From Mars. These two (who play a man and his ex-wife) and a bunch of other like-minded souls attempt to save their loved ones and the city from shark destruction with the help of chainsaws, helicopters and a very dodgy script.

The movie is just the latest in the Syfy channel’s series of unusual shark related movies which includes other classics such as Sharktopus. Are you sensing something of a theme here. This latest movie seems to have hit the terrible movie jackpot and looks destined to join the ranks of terrible movie classics such as Plan 9 From Outer Space (1956) a movie that is often given the title of the worst movie ever made but is enjoyed by millions of people precisely because it is so bad.

Other ‘so bad they are good’ movies include 1964’s Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (the plot is what you might expect, Martians kidnap Santa to make their children happy) and the 1938 classic The Terror of Tiny Town, an all midget cast musical Western with Shetland ponies being used instead of the usual cowboy horses.

Sharknado looks set to get a repeat showing sometime soon and we are certainly hoping that we don’t miss out on it here in the UK. As we also have a SyFy channel it looks more than likely that we will also soon have the pleasure of seeing our hero release himself from a giant shark by using a chainsaw.

What odds against Sharknado 2 anyone?

IF you missed out on the first showing of Sharknado or just want to relive the moment here is the Sharknado trailer for you to watch.

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