Helena Christensen Still Happy To Pose Nude At 44 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 July 2013

11 Jul

Helena Christensen in see-through clothingHelena Christensen Still Happy To Pose Nude At 44 – the supermodel shows that even at the age of 44-years old she is still happy to show the world the body that Gianni Versace described as the best in the world.

Helena appears in a nude photo shoot for FutureClaw magazine that was shot in her own New York apartment. The photos were taken by Gregory Derkenne, a fashion photographer known for his stylish nude shots of models including Jules Mordovets, Querelle Jansen Hannah Holman and a particularly stunning set of photos of super sexy Reka Ebergenyi.

When she is seen wearing clothes during the photoshoot, which is not that often, Helena is shown wearing her own vintage clothing which she has styled herself.

Helena’s nude photos are the latest set of saucy supermodel photos to be released in recent weeks, following hot on the heels of features from 49-year old Elle Macpherson (nude Playboy style cover for Harper’s Bazaar) and the very busy 44-year old Christy Turlington.

It certainly looks like Helena has upped the ante in the latest supermodel photos as she is seen completely naked in some photos whilst others show her in just a bra, wearing see-through clothing or in just the bottom half of a bathing suit whilst squeezing her breasts together. This is still one very confident lady.

The nude photos of Helena have proved to be so popular over the last few hours that the magazine’s website has been unable to cope with the high volume of traffic. Just to make sure you don’t miss out we are reproducing some of the photos from the set below.

The full set of photos and her interview are available online from the FutureClaw website.

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