Nigella Lawson And Husband To Divorce – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 07 July 2013

07 Jul

Nigella Lawson in low-cut scarlet Billion Dollar Baby dress on The Taste.Nigella Lawson And Husband To Divorce – the celebrity chief and her multimillionaire former advertising exec husband are to divorce after that infamous birthday meal out.

We are used to news of celebrity births and even deaths coming via Twitter these days but today Charles Saatchi decided to use the Mail on Sunday as his chosen form of communication to let his wife know that their marriage was over.

70-year old Saatchi issued a statement via the paper today which advised that he and his wife Nigella Lawson are getting divorced.

It seems that the couple have not spoken to each other since the photos of him gripping her throat at Scott’s restaurant were published in the press. Just after the story broke Nigella left the family home with her son Bruno and has not been back since.

The abuse story quickly escalated and Saatchi went to Charing Cross police station to accept a police caution over the incident. It seems at the same time Nigella was being advised to make no comment that might be seen as supporting her husband and things have deteriorated further from there.

Although Nigella is a worldwide cookery star and has a net worth of around £20m this pales into almost insignificance compared to the wealth of her husband which is believed to be nearer to £140m.

The Mail on Sunday has confirmed that prior to today’s paper being published Nigella was unaware of any divorce proceedings being initiated by her husband. Much as you might expect there has been no official comment on the matter from either Nigella or any of her management team.

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