Helen Flanagan To Get Boyfriend Tattoo Removed From Thigh – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 29 June 2013

29 Jun

Helen Flanagan showing intimate upper thigh tattoo. Also lots of big cleavage on show in I'm A Celebrity shower scene in bikiniHelen Flanagan To Get Boyfriend Tattoo Removed From Thigh – well the former Corrie star turned reality star turned model is having a stressful time.

Not only has she had to cope with a break-in at her home whilst she was there, a break-up with her long-time boyfriend, her private nude photos being stolen from her iPhone and a load of points on her driving licence for speeding it now seems that she will be going in for some laser tattoo removal work.

Helen has obviously made her mind up that things with footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair will not get back to where they were after the “sexting” confrontation. That being the case it is probably not great news for any potential new boyfriend to find the name of a girl’s previous boyfriend tattooed on her inner thigh!

Helen has now decided that the time is right for the tattoo of Scott’s name surrounded by two red “love wings” to go from her left inner thigh.

Rather than going for a difficult complete removal job Helen is said to be following the route of many a celebrity who has moved on from their old relationship and getting the original tattoo adapted.

The most famous celebrity relationship tattoo that has been changed is undoubtedly Johnny Depp’s “Winona Forever” tattoo on his arm that he had done when he was with actress Winona Ryder in the 1990’s. After they split up he had this changed to read “Wino Forever” not necessarily the sort of reference to give any new girlfriend perhaps?

As well as Depp’s Wino Forever tattoo there have been many others including Angelina Jolie’s large “Billy Bob” tattoo and accompanying dragon that she done on her upper left arm when the pair were married. This has now been changed to a tattoo that shows the geographical co-ordinates of the places of birth for all her children.

Helen Flanagan - huge cleavage, scratched by naughty pussy?The other really bad Hollywood tattoo gaff is Halle Berry’s tattoo of former husband David Justice’s name which she decided would look good on her backside. After the pair split this was then turned into a sunflower. Like many of the above celebs Halle later admitted that she wished she had never had the tattoo done in the first place.

To add further to poor Helen’s woes the busty star today tweeted a photo of her cleavage which shows her covered in scratches. The most likely culprit for the scratches appears to be her little pussy cat Felix who she tweeted about earlier this morning.

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