The Voice Final Provides Shock Result and More Holly Cleavage – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 June 2013

22 Jun

Holly Willoughby  - ultimate cleavage dress on The Voice final 2013The Voice Final Provides Shock Result and More Holly Cleavage – tonight’s live final of BBC’s The Voice produced a very unexpected winner as Holly Willoughby outdid herself on cleavage front.

It was predicted almost everywhere before the final that there would only be one winner as the odds were slashed on Leah McFall to an incredible 2/7. It was starting to look like the other finalists would only be turning up to make up the numbers especially after Leah’s impressive download sales of her I Will Survive cover.

Well tonight certainly didn’t turn out according to the script (no pun intended Danny!). It seems that the nation got firmly behind Northern Ireland’s quietly spoken, partially blind singer Andrea Begley who beat both Leah and country singer Mike Ward in the final vote after Matt Henry had been voted off earlier in the evening.

Andrea certainly sang very well during the final but there is some doubt whether her voice is distinctive enough to make much of an impact on the charts. Leah on the other hand has already proved herself a hit with the public and is apparently heading for the recording studio tomorrow despite not winning tonight’s competition.

Her mentor looked less than impressed tonight and after the result was revealed he did not appear in any more shots fuelling speculation that he was making an early exit from proceedings. Some were trying to place part of the blame for Leah’s failure with him as he paired up with the singer for a very strange rendition of Cher and Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). The song featured far too much of’s fairly average vocal talents and did little to showcase Leah’s incredible vocal range.

Whatever the reasons for Leah failing to lift the night’s big vocal prize the Twitter community took the result rather badly with the Twitterati almost causing a broadband meltdown with their thoughts on the voting.

The other big Voice trending topic or should that be big points trending on Twitter was the famous Holly Willoughby cleavage. There seems to have been much talk about how the show’s ratings always increase the more Willoughbooby that is on show so tonight’s final should have seen some impressive viewing figures.

Holly’s dress was her most revealing yet and it was no surprise that shortly after she appeared with “the twins” on show the hashtag “PerkyBoobs was soon trending on Twitter.

Holly is on record as saying that she is quite relaxed with the public and press focus on her world-beating cleavage and has said in interview “it’s fine, they’re only boobs.” Yes Holly but as Keith Lemon would say only boobs maybe but they are great boobs nonetheless.

We wait to see what will happen to Andrea and Leah over the coming weeks and we expect to hear much from about tonight’s final. Let’s hope whatever happens that both girls end up selling more records than last  year’s winner Leanne Mitchell whose debut album failed to sell even 1k copies and only made it to 134 in the album charts when it was released.

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