Geek Goddess Olivia Munn’s Latest Magazine Photos – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 08 June 2013

08 Jun

Olivia Munn shows cleavage in black swimsuit on Flare fashion mag coverGeek Goddess Olivia Munn’s Latest Magazine Photos – the 32-year old actress is not only a huge favourite of most of the world’s geeks but is also something of a self-confessed geek herself.

She is appearing on the cover of this month’s Flare magazine and can be seen wearing a swimsuit to show off those famous legs.

She is currently playing the role of super smart financial reporter Sloan Sabbith in tv series The Newsroom which is shortly to start its second series on HBO.

In the latest edition of Canadian fashion mag Flare, Olivia talks about her role in the hit series as well as her childhood where she was raised by a Chinese mother and spent much of her early years in Tokyo due to her stepfather’s job with the US military.

After an early job on game review program Attack of the Show! Olivia soon became a hot favourite of the show’s mostly geek audience. The show features regular items on video gaming, comic book reviews and a Women on the Web feature which reviewed the web’s 10 hottest women for that week.

Olivia famously appeared on one of the Attack of the Shows! episodes in a French maid’s outfit leaping into a big cream pie. This last stunt seems to be one of the few things that Olivia regrets doing in her career.

At around this time she also appeared in Maxim magazine and she has also made it into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women list for the past 3 years.

Of her twin roles of sex symbol and smart geeky woman Olivia says to Flare: “There’s apparently no way that I can embrace my sexuality, be on the cover of a men’s magazine, and also be thoughtful and smart”

“If you don’t like that I’m being sexual, or letting myself be objectified, then you better not own a push-up bra and wear it outside of the house.”

Olivia is certainly a plain talking gal and as well as reading the full interview in this month’s edition of Flare we can recommend getting hold of her autobiography Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. The book contains many interesting inside stories of the movies and television as well as several blunt accounts of her having to deal with the sleazy “casting couch” scene.

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