Geri Halliwell Almost Falls Out Of Her Dress At Australia’s Got Talent – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 02 June 2013

02 Jun

Geri Halliwell holds onto to dress to avoid wardrobe malfunction on Australia's Got TalentGeri Halliwell Almost Falls Out Of Her Dress At Australia’s Got Talent – the former Spice Girl narrowly avoided an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when she appeared at the auditions for Australia’s Got Talent.

The 40-year old is taking over the role of judge on the show from her former bandmate Mel B. She was arriving for the show on Sunday when her strapless pink outfit started to make a bid for freedom.

Geri quickly grabbed the bra style sides of her outfit to keep her modesty and looked a little embarrassed by the whole episode.

It is not Geri’s first tv experience of a wardrobe malfunction as back in 1997 when the Spice Girls appeared on stage at the BRIT Awards to accept their award for Best British Single for their song Wannabe, she had one of the music world’s most public wardrobe malfunctions when her right breast popped out of her red sequinned gown on live tv.

It was a time when the Spice Girls were the biggest in thing in UK music and that night Geri also provided what  is probably the most well-known outfit in British music history when she wore the famous Union Jack dress. This was actually just an ordinary dress on which Geri’s sister has sewn a Union Jack tea towel but it caught the media’s and the nation’s imagination. The dress was such an icon that it was later sold to the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas for £41320 in a charity auction.

Apart from raising such an impressive amount for charity that Union Jack dress sale also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records becoming at the time the most expensive piece of clothing sold by a pop star.

Geri Halliwell flashes breast and nipple during BRIT awards wardrobe malfuncton in 1997Geri’s latest dress problems are even more embarrassing than they might be as she has just been speaking to Australian media about the clothes worn by today’s pop stars saying that she thinks they should be less slutty and maintain more of an innocent look. Oops Geri, spoke too soon we think. She did have the honesty to admit however that she was probably up for some criticism herself as many people would think that she wore her skirts too short.

Geri’s dress problem happened in Melbourne which is one of the many stops for the Australia’s Got Talent judges as they search the country for the next big star. LIke our own Britain’s Got Talent the first stage of the show is a tour of the regions to make sure that the whole country gets a chance to audition for the show. The AGT judges will spend the next month on their search for talent before they move onto the next stage of the show.

Geri’s fellow judges on the show include recently married UK funny lady Dawn French as well as Kyle Sandilands and Tim Omaji. Incidentally Mel B was unable to appear as a judge on the show as her existing network Channel Seven took out an injunction preventing her from taking part in the show which is shown on the rival network Channel Nine.


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