Lana Del Rey On Fashion And Drinking – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 May 2013

11 May

Lana Del Rey in 50's style white crochet top in Fashion magazineLana Del Rey On Fashion And Drinking – the 27-year old singer can be found on the cover of this month’s Fashion magazine and inside she talks about what turns her on and what turns her off.

She has spoken before about her problems with alcohol when she was in her teens but she says that even now, despite not having had a drink for many years, she is still tempted to return to the bottle when people didn’t like her music.

She can be seen on the cover and the photos inside channeling a 50’s starlet look as we have seen from her before. She carries the look off very well although we guess it’s just as well that she is not seen swimming wearing her bikini top which looks suspiciously like it has either been knitted or crocheted.

Lana is no stranger to sexy photo shoots as anyone who has seen her nude photo shoot for GQ magazine can testify. She famously appears in one of the shots with a man holding her breast in one of his hands.

As well as getting praise for her retro look in these fashion photos Lana is also currently getting plenty of positive comments for her latest release Young and Beautiful, which appears on the Great Gatsby soundtrack. The song is already being tipped as an early favourite to take next year’s Academy Award for best original song.

In her interview with Fashion Lana also talks about her relationship with her troubled pal Lindsay Lohan. She says: ‘She’s really interesting, and she’s a fan of mine and she knows that I love her too…..We are in a similar boat.”

Now many people may agree that Lana has struggled with her demons in the past and Lindsay seems to live out her constant struggles with addiction on a daily basis in the world’s media but we are not sure that many would say they are in a similar boat.

You can check out the full story and see all of Lana’s vintage style photos in the next issue of Fashion which is out from 20 May.

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