Heather Graham Just Wants Good Sex! – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 09 May 2013

09 May

Heather Graham on cover of Vegas magazineHeather Graham Just Wants Good Sex! – the 43-year old actress is on the cover of the latest edition of Vegas magazine and talks inside about her relationships and her desires.

She talks about her previous relationships and says that whilst she would like to settle down if she met the right person she also doesn’t feel that she needs to and feels like she “dodged a bullet.”

Graham has been linked with several high-profile men over the years including Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger, Matt Dillon and Leo DiCaprio. Although she is officially single at the moment she certainly seems in no rush to get involved in a serious relationship and says that she is “having a lot of fun.”

Graham says that although she thinks that everyone she has dated has been great they have maybe not all been the most compatible match for her. She admitted to having some great stories about her relationships and threatened to reveal everything when she was “80 and everyone is dead!”

Heather Graham shows cleavage in green Gucci dress as worn by Katy Perry at Grammy awardsWhen asked what her biggest desires were the actress replied “good sex!”

Apart from her outfit on the cover of the magazine Heather is also seen inside wearing the same green Gucci dress that showed off so much of Katy Perry’s cleavage at this year’s Grammy awards.

We are likely to see a lot more of Graham over the coming days as the publicity machine gets into its stride ahead of the nationwide release on 24 May of her new movie Hangover Part III. In the movie Graham will be reprising her role as stripper Jade as seen in the previous movies in the Hangover franchise.

As well as starring Heather Graham Hangover Part III also features Bradley Cooper, John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy and Jamie Chung.

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