Celebrity Fashions Trending At The Met Ball – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 07 May 2013

07 May

 Anne Hathaway shows nipples in see-through black dress at Met Ball 2013.Celebrity Fashions Trending At The Met Ball – there were some interesting fashion choices at this Met Ball, that is some good interesting and some just, well, interesting!

The event is well-known for being one of the great fashion nights of the year in the US and so there was much anticipation about last night’s event.

The theme for the evening this year was Punk: Chaos to Couture and whilst some of the attendees did their very best to live up to the theme it was hard to work out what was in the mind of many celebrities (or their stylist’s) last night.

One person who got almost universal praise for their choice of outfit and the way they carried the whole theme off was new Oscar-winning Les Mis actress Anne Hathaway. She seems to have come through some odd choices of outfit during the last 12 months, as well as at least one major wardrobe malfunction, and emerged out the other side as a dependably stylish dresser.

Hathaway’s Met Ball outfit comprised a see-through vintage black Valentino gown from the 90’s and she topped the whole look off with a drastic change in hair style, revealing a bleached platinum blonde punk style look.

Apart from an almost inevitable flash of nipple, Hathaway looked very much in control and at home as she posed for fans and photographers at the event. She will certainly enjoy the media coverage of the fashion event much more than most of the celebrities as they look at what they were given to wear to the big event.

Two celebrities who went for the recent trend of “if in doubt flash a little sideboob” were Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst. Gyllenhaal wore a red plunging Calvin Klein gown with her nod to punk coming via a studded Bulgari choker necklace. Dunst wore a dark green Louis Vuitton which had very little covering her at the front and absolutely nothing at the back. The outfit was finished off with a host of feathers in the skirt section which didn’t win her many punks points towards the evening’s theme.

Madonna won plenty of punk points for her outfit which matched a tartan Givenchy jacket with some black fishnets and some very high pink heels. However her black wig made her look little like Madonna and prompted one of our favourite fashion remarks of the night when Fashtag, a YouTube fashion channel, described the look as showing what Jessie J would look like in 30 years.

There was a rare fashion miss from Beyonce who wore an over the top long flowing Givenchy gown that looked completely out-of-place and not at all punk. Without doubt however the night’s biggest fashion miss came from Kim Kardashian who wore a hideous looking floral dress with matching shoes and handbag. This prompted remarks along the lines of “more like a pair of curtains” and “looks like she has made an outfit from grandma’s sofa.”


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