Olivia Munn Has Wardrobe Malfunction – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 May 2013

05 May

Olivia Munn - wardrobe malfunction nipslip in crochet top at Chateau Marmont. New Girl, Newsroom, Magic Mike actress.Olivia Munn Has Wardrobe Malfunction – the 32-year old actress may have to think a little more carefully about her choice of outfit after she had an unusual wardrobe malfunction this weekend.

She was seen leaving Chateau Marmont in LA this weekend wearing a tiny pair of black leather shorts but it was her crochet top that caused the wardrobe malfunction. Now crocheted items are known for their big gaps so it was not a total surprise that she in the absence of a bra she ended up showing one of her nipples. Whilst this sort of wardrobe malfunction is normally known as a nip-slip this could be more accurately be described as a nip-pokey out!

The actress seems to be quite at home in a variety of outfits in her professional life as she often wears business style clothing in her role as economist Sloan Sabbith in tv series The Newsroom whilst for her recent guest appearances as a stripper on New Girl she was wearing altogether less clothing.

Although Munn has had roles in a number of different US tv shows during her career she has had less exposure on the big screen with just a few roles so far including her part in last year’s Steven Soderbergh movie Magic Mike. There are many who have been impressed by the quality of her acting who believe that she is due many more movie parts in the future.

Olivia’s most notorious moment so far this year was when she presented the Favourite Country Artist award to Taylor Swift at this year’s People’s Choice Awards and as well as showing what a great sense of humour she has she also managed to completely upstage the winner of the award, Taylor Swift.

Olivia also showed her sense of humour when she responded to some nude photos of her that had been posted online after allegedly being hacked via her phone by saying that if you did hack into her phone all you would find would be photos of a chunky baby and a cat!

She certainly seems to tick all the boxes as in addition to her great acting and sense of humour Olivia is also a previous Top 5 placing in the Maxim 100 Sexiest Women List. If we are allowed to say this about somebody who has just made headlines due to a wardrobe malfunction we would say that we think that we are likely to see a whole lot more of Olivia in the future.


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