Nicki Minaj Shows Lots Of Cleavage On American Idol – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 April 2013

18 Apr

Nicki Minaj shows lots of cleavage in American Idol red dressNicki Minaj Shows Lots Of Cleavage On American Idol – the singer turned reality show judge was the talk of Twitter last night as she took to the American Idol stage in a pretty racy dress.

Minaj wore a tight-fitting red dress for last night’s American Idol that had a huge section cut out of the front that basically presented her breasts and cleavage almost on a plate for the American viewing public.

The choice of outfit caused something of a storm as many people slammed the singer for wearing what was seen as an inappropriate outfit for a family entertainment show.

Minaj is not exactly known for choosing family friendly outfits so we are sure that the American Idol management must have known what to expect when they signed her up as one of the judging panel. You can see from some of her earlier choices of outfit that last night’s sexy cleavage baring number was not really a one-off for her.

As well as upsetting some of the American Idol viewers with her choice of outfit Minaj also has a go at fellow judge Mariah Carey. The pair disagreed over contestant Kree Harrison’s performance of She Talks To Angels and after the heat got turned up between them MInaj said to Carey, in a poor English accent, “Simmer down, sir.”

Ratings for the current series of American Idol have been down compared to previous series of the show and the talk is that it is mostly down to the lack of chemistry between the judges. In fact the show’s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe (originally known in the UK as a dancer with 60’s dance group Young Generation) even said to a website recently that he thinks that the feud between the two hasn’t helped matters.

The premiere of the current American Idol series (series 12) pulled in less than 18m viewers whereas the premiere of series 6 got over 37m viewers. All of this must be something of a worry to those trying to sell primetime advertising slots on the channel.

Nicki Minaj gives us an eyeful of her boobs on American IdolIt was originally thought by some commentators that the feud between Minaj and Carey might have been manufactured to help increase ratings and win back viewers but it seems that exactly the opposite has happened. In fact this is very much like the situation in the UK when the family friendly Strictly Come Dancing regularly beat the more aggressively judged X factor in their last side by side series.

The only surviving American Idol judge is now Randy Jackson who is joined by country singer and husband of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban as well as Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Might the show be another reality series that would benefit from the return of former judge Simon Cowell who was on the judging panel in series 1-9?

The final of American Idol Series 12 will be shown on tv on 16 May.

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