Lindsay Lohan At Scary Movie 5 Premiere – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 12 April 2013

12 Apr

Lindsay Lohan looks slim and stacked at Scary Movie 5 premiereLindsay Lohan At Scary Movie 5 Premiere – the ‘soon to be in rehab for 90 days’ actress looked good on the red carpet for her latest movie release even if she was almost 30m late.

26-year old Lindsay kept everyone waiting at the Hollywood premiere of Scary Movie 5 saying that she had left her original choice of dress in New York so had to quickly work on a new outfit.

Perhaps she should leave her first choice outfit behind more often because she looked as cool and self-assured as she has in a very long time. She wore a tight-fitting black dress with a gold bra/vest underneath for support.

It soon worked out that Lindsay needed the extra support up top as when co-star Charlie Sheen moved in for a welcome kiss he seemed to grab more of Lindsay than might have appeared to be polite!

As you can see from the attached photo 47-year old Sheen holds the back of the actress’s neck with his left hand whilst his right hand makes a move towards her left breast. Some Hollywood stars might take exception to this sort of greeting but you can see from the photo that Lindsay looks to have taken it pretty well by the grin on her face.

Charlie Sheen moves in to cop a feel of Lindsay Lohan's right breast at Scary Movie 5 premiereShe and Sheen have known each other for some time now and it was Sheen who loaned the actress $100k a few months ago to enable her to settle the bill for tax on her earnings from 2009.

Their bond is further strengthened by the fact that, like Lohan, Sheen has also been ordered by a US court into rehab. He too has struggled during his career with addiction issues.

Scary Movie 5 director David Zucker revealed at the film’s premiere that although Lindsay was a good actress and had learnt all of her lines for the movie she was also often turned up late for her scenes and delayed the filming. Zucker described Lohan as “a troubled human.”

Scary Movie 5 opens in UK and US cinemas today. Oh and in case you were wondering Sheen and Lohan are not the main stars of the movie and play versions of themselves in their scenes. The main roles are taken by Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3 & 4) who plays the part of Dan and Ashley Tisdale (Donnie Darko and High School Musical)  who plays his wife Jody.

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