Thandie Newton In Nude Scene In Rogue – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 09 April 2013

09 Apr

Thandie Newton nude in shower in RogueThandie Newton In Nude Scene In Rogue – the 40-year old actress is seen in a very different light in her new television drama Rogue where she is shown in several nude scenes.

The mother of two plays Grace an undercover detective involved with a criminal in a bid to discover if she was responsible for the death of her young son.

The interplay between Thandie’s character and the criminal world ends up seeing her involved in a sexual relationship with a member of the criminal gang.

The sex scenes with Thandie are much more graphic than any seen earlier in her career showing her naked in the shower and with a man nibbling her breasts She defended the scenes saying:

‘It serves the story – it was necessary. In terms of the pragmatic, how do you deal with it… you cast people who are sensitive and kind and professional. I was incredibly fortunate to work with the actors I worked with. When it comes to those scenes it’s just about sitting with the director, talking about what’s going to happen, being really clear on how it’s going to be shot and being really clear on what’s necessary so you don’t do any more than you need to do.’

Rogue is currently showing on DirecTV and the 10 episode series is the first original series to be commissioned  by the channel. As well as featuring Thandie Newton the new series also stars New Zealand actor Marton Csokas (The Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Supremacy) and Leah Gibson (Twilight, Watchmen). There are no current plans to distribute the show in the UK.

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