Ireland Baldwin Looking Like Her Mother Kim Basinger – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 06 April 2013

06 Apr

Ireland Baldwin photo shoot channels mother Kim BasingerIreland Baldwin Looking Like Her Mother Kim Basinger – the 17-year old has already been snapped up by 2 different modelling agencies and from her latest photos it is not hard to see why.

Ireland has released some photos from a recent shoot and a couple of them show her with glamorous blonde hair and make-up and leave us in no doubt that her mother is actress and former model Kim Basinger.

Ireland is of course the daughter of both Kim Basinger and actor Alec Baldwin and was the subject of a bitter custody battle a few years ago. It was during this custody battle that the infamous voicemail message that Baldwin left for his then 11-year old daughter was made public. After she didn’t take a scheduled phone call from the actor he left a voicemail message calling her a rude thoughtless little pig.

Baldwin later apologised for his remarks saying that he and his daughter had a “normal relationship.’ Ireland for her part has gone on record as saying that far too much was made of the whole thing saying: “For me, it was like, ‘OK, whatever.’ ”

The photos that have been released come from Ireland’s first modelling assignment with IMG and show her to be astonishingly assured for a 17-year old shooting her first professional modelling session with a group of fashion pro’s.

You can see from the photos shown both from her modelling session and some from her Twitter account that being Oscar-winning Kim Basinger’s 6ft 2in daughter does seem to be just the thing to fill a girl full of confidence.

In a few weeks time Ireland will have another new role to add to her duties as she is going to be big sister to her father Alec and stepmother Hilaria’s new baby girl.

Ireland seems to be quite clear about what she wants from her career and like her mother before her sees modelling as just being the springboard to launch her acting career. She is already on record as saying that her end goal is the movies and ideally comedies. We are sure that not much is likely to stop her from what we have seen so far of Ireland Baldwin.

In case you were wondering where the inspiration for Ireland’s name came from it was mother Kim Basinger who thought it up when she was thinking of trips that she wanted to take with her future daughter. As a spin on her unusual name Ireland is also known as Dublin to her friends!

Check out the photos below and see if you think you can see the mother daughter likeness.

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