Return To New Star Wars Movies For Princess Leia – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 06 March 2013

06 Mar
Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher in gold bikini as Star Wars princess

Carrie Fisher – Then

Return To New Star Wars Movies For Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher has confirmed that she will be reprising her iconic role as Princess Leia in at least one of the upcoming new Star Wars movies.

56-year old Carrie was speaking to the online luxury lifestyle site when she revealed that she will be starring in the new Lucasfilm’s Star Wars movie Star Wars Episode VII, which is due to be released in 2015. Although the new movie will not be directed by George Lucas he will be acting as the movie’s creative consultant. It has recently been confirmed that the director for Episode VII is going to be J.J.Abrams who is known for his work on Lost (2004-2010) as well as being involved in directing 2009’s Star Trek and the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.

Although so far only Carrie Fisher has confirmed that she is to appear there is a good chance that all of the remaining actors from the first movies will be taking part. Just last month 61-year old Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) said that he is scheduled to meet up with the new movie’s writers although he had not yet signed a contract for the film. Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) has said that he is up for a reprisal of his original role and Samuel L Jackson (Mace Windu) has also said he is ken to make a return.

55-year old Carrie Fisher in see-through black dress showing bra

Carrie Fisher – Now

The star who has probably done most since the first Star Wars movies is Harrison Ford who played Han Solo, the Captain of the Millennium Falcon. Ford is the person who has seemed the least keen of the original cast to make a return to the role that made him a huge movie star however a report from a Fox News Latino journalist last month said that one of their ‘legitimate sources’ had confirmed to them that he would be appearing in Star Wars Episode VII.

Carrie Fisher’s role as Princess Leia has probably been the biggest sci-fi fantasy figure of all-time. Her appearance in her famous gold bikini wearing the bun-shaped hairstyle has been much imitated. It even made it to an episode of Friends in Series 3 in 1996 when Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel says she will act out Ross’s sexual fantasy and it turns out to be the Princess Leia gold bikini scene.

In fact Jennifer Aniston has worn so well that we think it might be time for her to reprise her Princess Leia gold bikini scene as well as Carrie Fisher.

Jennifer Aniston as a fantasy Princess Leia in Friends

Jennifer Aniston as Princess Leia

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