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01 Mar

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran - dating or not?Are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Dating? – opinion seems to be a little divided over whether Taylor Swift has moved on from Harry Styles by dating one of his best friends, singer Ed Sheeran.

As well as writing a break-up song after their high-profile relationship hit the rocks it looks very much like Taylor might be going out with one of her ex’s pals.

Although Ed doesn’t look like her would be Taylor’s type a source has told E! that the pair did in fact date briefly last Spring and that the two had great chemistry together. The comment was made after Ed was spotted leaving Taylor’s hotel room at 4am the day before they both appeared at the Brits.

The evidence starts to build when you find out that Ed has a special tattoo on his arm in tribute to Taylor’s album Red.

Add to that her comment: “I like people with red hair. I would do a ginger” and you are starting to think that perhaps a Swift/Sheeran hook-up is not so unlikely after all.

Taylor Swift topless see-through photoThe pair have written a song together called Everything Has Changed when they got together on one of Ed’s trips to the US. Taylor said that the two of them wrote the song while sitting on a trampoline in her backyard. Her more famous or should that be infamous track is her ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ which the whole audience at the recent Brit Awards was waiting for her to sing whilst looking over at Harry Styles.

Taylor has not been shy of sharing her love life with the media over recent years with romances with not only Harry Styles but also John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner making plenty of headlines. In contrast Ed Sheeran is famously private about life away from the music business and little is known about any of his previous girlfriends.

Here in the UK The Sun is pretty sure that the pair are dating with rival The Daily Mirror pretty sure that they are just writing songs together. Guess we will just have to wait and see who is right.

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