How To Get Your Name Known Quickly With A Wardrobe Malfunction – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 21 February 2013

21 Feb

Amal Fashanu - nip slip - wardrobe malfunction in red leopard print dress at movie premiereHow To Get Your Name Known Quickly With A Wardrobe Malfunction – it seems that model Amal Fashanu has worked out what many more famous models, reality tv stars and actresses already know, that the quickest way to get your name into the media is a good wardrobe malfunction at a movie premiere or indeed at any red carpet event.

Amal is the 24-year old daughter of tv presenter and former professional footballer John Fashanu and the niece of the late Justin Fashanu. Justin was the first professional footballer in the UK to come out as gay and took his own life in 1998 after an unproven allegation of sexual assault.

Until yesterday Amal was probably best-known for presenting a television documentary called Britain’s Gay Footballers in which she tackled the homophobia in the world of professional football.

It looks very much like Amal is keen to give her career a kickstart as she attended yesterday’s movie premiere for Richard Gere’s Arbitrage at the Odeon West End wearing a very bright red leopard print dress that featured plenty of places to view flesh. The outfit design had a very open, low back and front that clearly showed the model’s nipples when she moved around and also had a large split right up to her bottom which flashed her legs right up to her thighs.

Amal Fashanu shows plenty of thigh in red leopard print dress - photo shared on TwitterAmal’s outfit for the evening calls into question whether this sort of fleshy display can really be classified as a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ or a ‘nip slip’ when it would be almost impossible  for the wearer not to flash their legs or breasts when wearing it.

It will be interesting to see if the model picks up any extra work after today’s exposure (following on from yesterdays’ exposure!). Her own website looks to be a little in need of news as her last 4 updates are all from last September. As of this morning Miss Fashanu had managed to make the pages of two UK daily newspapers and at least one well-known celebrity magazine as well as several celebrity and gossip websites, including one in Greece. If you can remember back to model Georgia Salpa’s time on Celebrity Big Brother the Greek media took a great deal of interest in her as she was revealed in less and less clothing.

It makes you wonder if Amal is likely to receive an approach from Celebrity Big Brother as she seems to fit their criteria for somebody who would be likely to walk around the house in very little and look good whilst she was doing so.

Incidentally for anybody interested in the Richard Gere movie Arbitrage, he plays a very wealthy Wall Street hedge fund executive who loses a fortune when one of his investments hoes wrong and then tries to get himself out of the hole by committing a fraud.

On top of his financial woes Gere’s character also has to deal with the problems of keeping his French mistress (played by Laetitia Casta) separate from his wife (played by Susan Sarandon).

Although the movie only received its UK premiere yesterday it opened in the US back in September last year and it has received some very good reviews especially for Richard Gere’s part with Rolling Stone calling his acting in the movie ‘too good to ignore.’

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