Rihanna’s New Clothing Line Launches At LFW – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 February 2013

17 Feb

Rihanna’s First Fashion Line Launches At LFW –  the singer’s new clothing collection for River Island was given a catwalk outing this weekend at London Fashion Week.

It was perhaps no surprise that most of the styles on show fitted in with Rihanna’s personal fashion choices, so there were no bras and it was almost obligatory to show off as much toned tummy as possible.

Those who were lucky enough to get tickets for the show faced a fairly long wait as events didn’t get started until almost an hour after they were scheduled to begin. It all added to the tension in the room as the audience wondered exactly what they were about to see.

There is quite a lot riding on the success of this collection as River Island hope that signing up one of the current ‘bad girls’ of pop will give them the edge in the high street fashion stakes. Their biggest rival on UK high streets is undoubtedly Topshop, who have managed to sign Kate Moss and most of the Kardashian family in recent years to help promote various new lines for the chain of stores.

Although Beyonce is probably the bigger style queen it is true to say that Rihanna has considerably more edge and street-cred these days and the River Island signing may prove to be a very good commercial decision. The company were no doubt sweating a little however earlier in the week as their latest signing was seen posing on a Valentine’s Day tweet with what appeared to be a large amount of marijuana and saying ;Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy.’

Then if we or River Island were still in any doubt she followed this up with a photo of someone smoking a spliff. All of this looked likely to cause the board of River Island to burst a blood vessel or two before the new collection even hit the LFW catwalk and it was said that management from RI had words with Rihanna’s people and warned that the company did not want to be seen to be involved with the glamorization of drugs.

All of this proved that sometimes when you want to be seen as a little bit edgy it is a very fine line to tread and it can quickly go from being too safe to far too edgy for many companies that start dealing with celebrities.

All of the clothes on show at the LFW event were from the new 120 piece Rihanna For River Island collection and were seen by nearly all the fashion reviewers as being aggressively sexual and exactly the sort of bright, revealing clothes that the singer herself has been seen in over the last few years.

One good point to bear in mind is that for anyone wanting to look like Rihanna this is soon to be possible for a fraction of the current price as the River Island range is not going to be on sale at designer prices. For example a copy of the sort of footwear that Rihanna is especially fond of will now be in reach for a considerably wider group of her fans who are not able to splash out £450 on a pair of shoes for their night out.

The Rihanna For River Island Collection will be on sale in all of their stores and also available online from 05 March 2013.

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