Imogen Thomas Nude Pregnancy Photos – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 January 2013

22 Jan

Smiling pregnant Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas Channels Demi Moore In Nude Photos – the 30-year old former model and reality tv star has followed the Demi Moore route with her choice of nude pregnancy photos.

Demi Moore started the trend of nude pregnancy photos with her Vanity Fair cover and feature back in August 1991. She said after the photos were published “It did seem to give a little bit more permission to feel sexy, attractive when you’re pregnant.”

After Demi’s groundbreaking photos several other stars followed her example including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and glamour model Danielle Lloyd.

Imogen’s nude photos and interview appear in this week’s copy of New! magazine. She talks about her hopes and fears surrounding her pregnancy and reveals that she has not felt good about all the extra weight she has gained. She said that she no longer felt sexy since she was pregnant.

‘I’ve gone from 9st to 11st. I’ve noticed my arms have gone a bit bigger and I saw a photo of myself the other day with a double chin, but it’s water retention so once the baby’s out, hopefully it’ll all go.’

Imogen Thomas poses nude with hands covering breasts and belly. Pregnant.Imogen is expected to give birth in the middle of next month with the likely birth date being Valentine’s Day (14th February). She is expecting the baby with her Australian boyfriend broker Adam Horsley. She has talked previously about how she has suffered from mood swings during her pregnancy as well as having a big craving for potatoes!

Imogen says that she has been inspired by new mums Megan Fox and Claire Danes who both appeared at the recent Golden Globes awards looking glamorous and minus their extra pregnancy pounds. She said: ‘When you give birth you want your body back as soon as possible.”

Imogen is a former winner of the Miss Wales title as well as appearing on Big Brother. She is also a former Playboy bunny and has appeared on the FHM Sexiest Woman list. She is however probably most famous for her affair with Manchester Utd footballer Ryan Giggs. This was the subject of the most well-known gagging order to have been granted by British courts until after the footballer’s name was revealed in the press and the House of Commons in May 2011. Giggs agreed to being officially named in December 2011.

Imogen was also previously in relationships with US model Tyson Beckford and UK comedian Russell Brand.

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