Voluptua Actress Gloria Pall Dies, Pamela Anderson’s Wardrobe Malfunction Sees Her Leave Dancing On Ice – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 06 January 2013

06 Jan

Gloria Pall as Voluptua - 50's star too sexy for tvVoluptua Actress Gloria Pall Dies – the actress who was seen as too sexy for television in the 1950’s has dies at the age of 85.

She started off working as an aircraft mechanic but her good looks soon won her a beauty contest and shortly after this she started working as a showgirl in Reno and Las Vegas. Around this time while she was working at the Sahara Hotel in Vegas she met billionaire Howard Hughes and the pair dated for a while.

Incidentally, like Hughes, Pall invented a bra using her engineering knowledge. Hughes was known for the special cantilever bra that he designed to show off Jane Russell’s breasts to best effect in the movie The Outlaw. Hughes’ design was quite possibly the first example of a push-up bra. Pall designed a bra for herself and it was whilst wearing this to a Marilyn Monroe party that she photographed and subsequently dubbed ‘Miss Cleavage’ by Stars and Stripes magazine.

Pall started her tv career in the early 50’s with appearances on The Bob Hope Show and The Abbot and Costello Show amongst a number of small roles. She also started appearing in minor roles in several movies including parts in the classic Charles Laughton directed Night of the Hunter where she played a burlesque dancer and Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock where she was a striptease artist.

Sexy 1950's star Gloria Pall - Voluptua, Miss Cleavage, The Eyeful TowerIt was Pall’s appearances as Voluptua in 1954 that were seen as too hot for US tv at that time. She was hired by KABC to introduce the romantic movies showing on their channel but her sexy and flirtatious intros to the movies soon started raising temperatures. Her opening line each week was ‘Welcome to my boudoir, I want you to feel that it’s your special hideaway. Relax, take off your shoes, loosen your tie.’

Her appearances as Voluptua got her known as Corruptua and her tall, busty figure also saw her referred to as The Eyeful Tower. All of this attention soon meant that religious and family groups put pressure on the tv station to drop the sexy Pall. Commercial concerns meant that the network had little choice but to follow this advice and with advertisers scared to be associated with the programme it was dropped.

Oh how different things are now. We guess that if Gloria Pall had been born just a few decades later she would have been inundated with tv and movie roles and plenty of advertising offers. Not to mention enough reality tv appearances to see her very nicely off thank you very much.

After she lost the job as Voluptua it is no surprise that she was offered plenty of magazine covers. During the 1950’s she appeared on the cover of many classic US magazines including, Fury, Cover Girls, Picture Fun, Man to Man and Esquire.

In her later years Gloria Pall worked as a real estate agent.

Although details of Pall’s death have only just been released she did in fact die of heart failure on 30 December last year. RIP Voluptua!

Pamela Anderson wardrobe malfunction shows nipples on Dancing On IcePamela Anderson’s Wardrobe Malfunction Sees Her Leave Dancing On Ice – the first week of the celebrity ice skating show saw its biggest star leave after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Former Baywatch and Playboy star Pam had found herself in the skate-off after her first round performance failed to win enough viewer’s votes. Pam and her dance partner Matt Evers found themselves up against Keith Chegwin and his partner Olga Sharutenko in a 2nd attempt to impress the judges.

It was no surprise to many watching that the little dress that Pam was wearing for her performance was not up to the job of keeping in her ample breasts hidden from view. Clearly either Pam or the show’s wardrobe team were expecting there could be a problem as Pam was clearly seen showing silver and white nipple covers as her dress made a bid for freedom.

Pamela Anderson grabs boobs after they escape during Dancing On Ice wardrobe malfunctionPam must be thinking that she is jinxed on these type of celebrity sporting shows as she found herself leaving Dancing With The All-Stars after the first show.

As someone who is used to showing off her voluptuous body Pam didn’t seem too troubled by the fact that her boobs popped out on prime-time television. She said to Dancing On Ice co-host Phillip Schofield: my dress came off and my boobs fell out. It happens.’

After spending a lot of the time holding on to her breasts it is no shock that this affected Pam’s skating and she was clearly expecting the worse as she and Keith Chegwin waited to see who would be eliminated from the competition.

The two celebrity skaters who were the first to find out they had survived the first week’s show were singer Shayne Ward and Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle, who was described by her professional skating partner as having ‘the bendiest legs of any woman I have met.’

Although Shayne and Beth were the first to find out they were safe it was Eastenders actor Matt Lapinskas who topped the scoreboard on week one with a score of 24 for their performance to Chris Brown’s Turn Up The Music.

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