Courtney Cox Cougar Town Boob Flash – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 January 2013

05 Jan

Courtney Cox - big nipples flashed in see-through top. Cougar Town boob flashCourtney Cox Cougar Town Boob Flash – the actress has been talking to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about how Cougar Town can be more daring now that it is on a cable channel.

The 48-year old former Friends actress has said that with the move to cable channel TBS from ABC Cougar Town will be full of more revealing scenes, Courtney said that as she is getting older she wanted less focus on her face and more on her breasts. In fact the show’s co-creator Bill Lawrence has said that Cox had told him that this was the ‘year of her cleavage.’

In fact Courtney went further than this saying: ‘I figure as I continue to get older, eventually I will be fully nude. I hope it works.’

The new channel has promised that the show will get much more promotion than it has had before and it has given some hints about up-coming episodes. One is called Naked Day and centres around Cox’s character Jules and her new husband Grayson, played by Josh Hopkins, and their attempts to spice up their love life and keep their marriage fresh.

For anyone who has not seen the show, Courtney plays a cougar in her mid-40’s who works as a successful real estate agent in Florida. She was previously married to Brian Cobb, played by Brian Van Holt, who now lives on a boat in a parking lot. The couple have a son, Travis, who is played in the series by Dan Byrd.

Despite all the success she enjoyed playing Monica Geller in Friends over its 236 episode run it was playing the role of Jules in Cougar Town that brought Courtney her first Golden Globe nomination.

The new series of Cougar Town starts on TBC this Tuesday (08 January).

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