What Men Want and What Women Want – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 December 2012

19 Dec

Kelly Brook topless for FHM photoshootWhat Men Want and What Women Want –  a new survey by Debenhams backs up some recent research from Newcastle University in showing what men and women think is the perfect body.

The Debenhams survey showed that the ideal body for women would be an hourglass or curvy shape. This was viewed by most women as being much more important than a defined dress size. Men were looking for a similar thing in the perfect woman but most wanted bigger boobs than the women had chosen for themselves!

The sort of body that most women aspire to is a Kelly Brook or Holly Willoughby style figure. The next most popular body shape to aspire to is the athletic style body as defined by Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton and Jess’s heptathlon colleague Katarina Johnson-Thompson. So it looks like the curvier look just edges out the toned abs on this occasion.

Falling way behind both the curvy and toned body styles is the very slim model style figure with just 6% of women surveyed picking this as their ideal body choice. Even less women (3%) chose the pneumatic look of for example Katie Price as their favoured look.

Curvy Holly Willoughby in red dressThe curvier look is not only what more women are aspiring to it is also what more women actually have these days as the average shape of UK women is now 38.5-34-40.5 compared to the average 1951 woman’s figure of 37-27.5-39.

The Debenhams survey confirms what researchers at Newcastle University found when they surveyed some of their students to find out their ideal male and female figures. This showed Kelly Brook to have the ideal female figure and Daniel Craig to have the ideal male physique.

The research concluded that the ideal male and female body shapes all made sense from an evolutionary point of view as a healthy body shape for both men and women signals the best chance of healthy offspring.

The Newcastle University survey showed that women would like to have bigger breasts and hips whilst the men wanted to have a bigger chest and thighs.

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