Pamela Anderson For Dancing On Ice – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 October 2012

22 Oct

Pamela Anderson To Appear On Dancing On Ice – the former Baywatch star is reported to be in advanced talks to appear in the next series of Dancing On Ice.

The 45-year old actress and former Playboy model has only just finished performing on the Dancing WIth The Stars All Stars programme after originally appearing on Dancing With The Stars in 2010. She was the first celebrity to leave the recent All Stars series and seemed genuinely upset at her early departure saying that she felt she should have trained harder. One reason she may have appeared upset at leaving the dance show is that she seemed to be very close to her professional dance partner Tristan Macmanus.

In fact the pair have been spotted together on a number of occasions since their elimination from the show although they are insisting there is no romance and she is just having dance lessons. They have been seen together in New York City, Los Angeles leaving a dance hall in Woodland Hills and have also been seen having lunch together.

The Sun is today quoting an insider from Dancing On Ice saying that: ‘Pammy will bring a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour to the show, which we’ll all need come the winter. She’s no stranger to dancing in front of viewers after her stints in America.’

The busty US star is not the only name to be already linked with an appearance in the new Dancing On Ice series as Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle, Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie, TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger and tv presenter Anthea Turner are all being talked about as likely competitors. In fact Anthea Turner has already been seen at Guildford Ice Rink with a trainer.

In case you were thinking Pamela has been around for a while you would be correct as she first appeared in Playboy in 1989 and appeared again as recently as 2011. She also holds the record for more Playboy cover appearances than anyone else.

She has appeared in a number of movies over the years but has relied more on looks than acting ability as most of the appearances have involved her playing herself. This includes roles in Borat, Scooby Doo, No Rules and Costa Rican Summer. Her most famous acting role is probably the title role in the 1996 sci-fi movie Barb Wire and if you have seen this you will probably realise why she normally sticks to playing herself on-screen.

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