Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

18 Sep

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant – the former Friends actress has been having a laugh at the expense of the media with the release of a new video showing her pregnant with triplets, owning a collection of wigs and having a grown son who turns out to be US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Aniston has made a new spoof video with the people from US bottled water company Smartwater. It starts off by showing images which it says come from the actress’s home security tapes which they say have been “leaked by an unknown source.”

After showing Aniston in a swimming pool which has been filled with bottled water we also get to meet another of her sons who is actually an alien with a rubber ring.

Finally Aniston is shown in her bedroom removing a “Rachel Green” wig before displaying her real hair which is revealed to be tight dark curls.

Jen adds to the fun by saying “Good Night Rachel” as she removes her blond wig.

The video shows what a good sense of humour Jennifer has despite the constant media attention over the years with the fixation on her hair and any possibility the actress might be pregnant. She seems in a happier place these days than she has been for a while and this is no doubt due to her recent engagement to Mulholland Drive actor Justin Theroux.

Smartwater have also secured the services of Ryan Seacrest to introduce the “secret” video surveillance tapes. Seacrest introduces the sketch by saying: “From inside the actress’s home, shocking revelations,”

The American Idol host has been involved with another spoof in the last few weeks with his interview with US swimmer Ryan Lochte being used in a Funny or Die sketch called “Peeing In Pools With Ryan Lochte.”

As you can see from the before and after photos they have done a very good job with Jen’s spoof baby bump which is a far stretch (quite literally) from her normal slim figure.If you want to watch the entire video to spy on her secret family and wig collection then you can check it out below.


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3 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

  1. Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina)

    September 19, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    hahaha! this is sooo funny & amazingly staged. Jennifer is the best, I swear. lol

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