Top Fashion Cities, Funniest Movies of All Time

08 Sep

Top Fashion Capitals in the World – the annual poll of the world’s most fashionable cities has been won by London for the 2nd year running.

The survey of the world’s top fashion capitals is run by Global Language Monitor (GLM) and is now in its 9th year. Although London won the title in 2011 as well as this year it is New York which has so far got the biggest number of Number 1 placings.

The survey now takes in data from 5 top fashion capitals in 5 different continents. Bekka Payack, the New York-based Fashion Director of GLM says of London’s 2012 victory: “London’s two-year run has been has been propelled by two rather extraordinary circumstances:  the emergence of the former Kate Middleton as a top fashion icon and the recent completion of what have been hailed as an extremely successful Summer Olympics.”

“For high fashion Paris is number one but it not the media machine these other places are. Barcelona has made a really strong attempt to move forward and those efforts are paying off.”

One surprise in the rankings is Milan’s drop from 4th place in 2011 to 8th place this year, in fact Milan was not even top fashion city in Italy with Rome beating it by 2 places.

GLM compile the list using data from internet sites, blogs, Twitter and the top 250k print and electronic news media.

Here is the list of Top 25 Fashion Capitals for 2012

  1. London (1)
  2. New York (2)
  3. Barcelona (7)
  4. Paris (3)
  5. Madrid (12)
  6. Rome (13)
  7. Sao Paulo (25)
  8. Milano (4)
  9. Los Angeles (5)
  10. Berlin (10)
  11. Antwerp (44)
  12. Hong Kong (6)
  13. Buenos Aires (20)
  14. Bali (21)
  15. Sydney (11)
  16. Florence (31)
  17. Rio de Janeiro (23)
  18. Johannesburg (41)
  19. Singapore (8)
  20. Tokyo  (9)
  21. Melbourne (17)
  22. Shanghai (14)
  23. Caracas (50)
  24. Las Vegas
  25. Monaco (15)

Funniest Films of All Time – Airplane has topped a list of the funniest movies of all time.

In a survey run by movie subscription and streaming service Lovefilm, the 1980 US disaster movie was shown to generate the most laughs per minute (lpm) amongst movie audiences.

Interestingly based on a vote from the Lovefilm members Life Of Brian was seen to be their favourite comedy although Airplane beat it for laughs.

The 2 films have often appeared in lists of the funniest films ever and in a Guardian poll from 2007 Life of Brian beat Airplane to the top spot.

Airplane has a number of classic movie comedy lines with the most famous probably being: “Surely you can’t be serious?’ “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”

The movie was Leslie Nielsen’s big break into comedy as before 1980 he was mostly known for dramatic and romantic roles having appeared in Forbidden Planet and The Opposite Sex both released in 1956. He certainly seems to be a good bet for a laugh if you are renting a movie as he also in the Number 3 film on the list Naked Gun: Form The Files of Police Squad. Incidentally anybody looking for a really funny tv series could do a lot worse than teat themselves to a copy of the original Police Squad television series from 1982 which was unbelievably cancelled by ABC after just 6 episodes. Many of the gags in the Naked Gun movies originated in the Police Squad tv series including the brilliant opening and closing credits.

The producers of Airplane were certainly laughing all the way to the bank as it made $83m at the box-office when it was released in 1980 and only cost $3.5m to make. You can also be sure it has made a small fortune in video and dvd sales to add to its box-office takings.

Here is the list of the Top Funniest Movies of All Time with their laugh per minute scores:

1. ‘Airplane!’ – 3 Laughs A Minute

2. ‘The Hangover’ – 2.4 Laughs A Minute

3. ‘The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!’ – 2.3 Laughs A Minute

4. ‘Superbad’ – 1.9 Laughs A Minute

5. ‘Borat’ – 1.7 Laughs A Minute

6. ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ – 1.6 Laughs A Minute

7. ‘American Pie’ – 1.5 Laughs A Minute

8. ‘Bridesmaids’ – 1.4 Laughs A Minute

9. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ – 1.3 Laughs A Minute

10. ‘Life of Brian’ – 1.2 Laughs A Minute


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